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"There is no 'should'" and the sex-positive "agenda"

Arvan suggested that my first authorial post to Sex/Gender/Body be this one, which I wrote a couple months ago. Enjoy!

What's my "agenda"? What does it mean to be a "pro-BDSM activist"? What's the "sex-positive agenda"? Who is part of the "sex-positive movement"? These are all questions I've been thinking about a lot lately -- and they seem to constantly recur around the blogosphere, in varying forms. But here's a question that's rarely posed explicitly, and it's the one that preoccupies me the most: What action can I take in the real world to help create a powerful, energetic sex-positive -- and pro-BDSM -- movement?

I'm thinking fairly pragmatically and concretely these days. Sure, I love discussing highly theoretical questions like, "Why is there stigma against certain sexual identities?" But what I really want is to have a larger cultural impact, not just worry ineffectually at these mysteries like a dog worrying at a bone.

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Welcome To SexGenderBody

I define my sex, gender, body.  You define yours.

These words summarize the intention of this site.  There are no experts to tell us how to claim or identify our own sex, gender, body (sgb).

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