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Uh. Wow.

A friend of mine on Facebook just invited me to join 

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    So I'm one of those horrible, horrible, horrible people who enjoys Oral Sex...Great.

     I don't like doing the whole "XYZ obviously hasn't gotten laid" song and dance routine, but after

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    I hate the whole either/or dichotomy when it comes to creative persons. Someone is either ENTIRELY good, or ENTILRELY evil.

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    At Stephens College, There are Limits to the Sisterhood

    I just got word that one of my friends (and my former RA) back at Stephens College, a small women's college located in Columbia, MO  was given the boot, due to financial aid discrepancies.

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    Not my beautiful Lara!!!!

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    "We Want You To Think Outside The Box, but not THAT much".

    Last night at dinner, I was chatting with a couple of guys from North Carolina. One of them mentioned his friend who applied to the North Carolina School of the Arts, and sent in a screenplay.

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