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Beaverton Police Officer Caught Sexually Abusing Prostitutes

Emily Smith of the Oregonian writes of Beaverton, Oregon police officer, Joshua Jensen, who was convicted of two counts of prostitution, coercion, and two counts of official misconduct.  He was sentenced to 30 months in jail - a sentence I feel is not long enough.  As the comments on this story clearly show, there are those who think that people that sell sex are less than human; not worthy of respect; incapable of being victims.  I could not disagree with that line of thinking more, and this story embodies exactly why.

"When he first took me back behind the Dumpster ... my hands were shaking," one of the victims told The Oregonian Wednesday.

"I was scared – his whole demeanor was very intimidating," she said. "I really didn't know what to expect or what would happen."

In the first incident, Jensen told the woman what she was doing as a prostitute was wrong. Then he asked for oral sex. She asked if she had to, and he said she didn't. Afterward, he paid her $40.

But with the second woman, Jensen asked her why he shouldn't arrest her. She replied that she wouldn't do it anymore.

He said, "Well, if there's something I want out of it," then unzipped his pants, reports show.

The woman told investigators and The Oregonian that Jensen then "grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my head down, and I really didn't have a choice."

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Donna M. Hughes is lying to you about sex and slavery.

Donna M. Hughes has a message for you: Kinky sex is sex trafficking.

It is a lie.  She may or may not mean to lie to you, but it is a lie because it is not true.

There are a faulty number of assumptions here, all of which are pure conjecture.

First, that she is authorized to speak categorically, on behalf of the human race on issues of what is and is not healthy sexual behavior.  I don't care what her definition of proper sex nor improper sex is.  Frankly, I don't have any interest.  It does not affect me nor anyone I know.

Second, she conflates trafficking with slavery.  Trafficking is a broader and perhaps more modern word for slavery.  Let's be clear, slavery is slavery.  Forced labor of any kind is slavery.  Slavery exists today and people are forced to do many things as slaves.  Manual labor, warfare, sex, domestic labor and many other things.  As words go, however the two words are different.  Slavery is understood clearly.  Trafficking is not only less well understood or less often heard, but it is used in many contexts. 

Sex sells and Sex Trafficking sells, too.

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Catholic Church Goes "All In" on Victim Blaming, Denial and Depravity.

Holy Jesus fuck!  What a douchebag.

"Jesus help me, I'm gonna tap that boy's ass tonight!"

In this story from the AP, some Bishop in Mexico is choosing to blame sex education for causing priests to molest children.  The public education system in Mexico, in seeking to provide services that actually benefit the citizens of Mexico, choose to have a sex education system that uses facts about biology, reproduction, disease and prevention.  This of course is a direct challenge to the Roman Catholic Church, who seek to suck the money out of people while glorifying themselves as special messengers of an invisible being they refer to as "God". 

In an effort to keep the population stupid, diseased and gullible as well as provide cover for the continuing and historical raping of children by priests, some bishop in Mexico said this:

On Thursday, Bishop Felipe Arizmendi said that "when there is generalized sexual licentiousness, it is more common to have pederasty."

"In the midst of the invasion of so much eroticism, it is not easy to remain faithful in celibacy, or in respecting children," Arizmendi, the bishop of the San Cristobal de las Casas diocese in Chiapas state, said at a meeting of Mexican bishops. (Source AP)

It's an example of the worst abuse of power imaginable.  The Catholic Church goes around telling people to fork over their money, breed themselves into illiteracy, disease and poverty and trust that while the Pope makes the ultimate sacrifice of eating filet mignon every goddamn night - those poor saps will be rewarded with eternal bliss after they fucking die. 

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NAPPA wants justice in ‘forced sterilisation’ cases

WINDHOEK [New Era] – The Namibia Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA) has said justice should be accorded to any woman whose rights have been violated as a result of forced sterilisation.

NAPPA’s statement, issued by its director Sam Ntelamo last week, follows a case in which 15 women that were sterilised at public health institutions without their informed consent are seeking redress in the High Court.

The case of three of the women was postponed until November 24, when three other women who have been sterilised because of their HIV status will also be heard.  The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) is representing the women.

NAPPA said coerced sterilisation is the use of intimidation, fear, pressure duress or deception to get “consent” for the sterilisation procedure.

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At Stephens College, There are Limits to the Sisterhood

I just got word that one of my friends (and my former RA) back at Stephens College, a small women's college located in Columbia, MO  was given the boot, due to financial aid discrepancies.

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Sex, Lies & Children

By Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.


"Family Values groups and other opponents of free speech routinely use the terms 'pornography,' 'obscenity' and 'child pornography,' interchangeably, in the attempt to cause confusion in the mind of the public, and intentionally link perfectly legal content with evidence of a horrific crime."

A favorite trick of the censors in this country is to blur the lines between protected speech, in the form of adult erotica on the one hand, with patently illegal material, in the form of child pornography on the other, by mixing the two at every opportunity. Family Values groups and other opponents of free speech routinely use the terms "pornography," "obscenity" and "child pornography," interchangeably, in the attempt to cause confusion in the mind of the public, and intentionally link perfectly legal content with evidence of a horrific crime. The media often plays along, whether through ignorance or complicity, and refers to the new child porn arrest as a "Pornography Bust."

All of this helps convince the public through confusion, that pornography has something to do with abuse of children, and that all of it is probably illegal somehow. In some jurisdictions, law enforcement investigators seize every chance to mix these concepts in a blender, by charging defendants with obscenity as well as child pornography, no matter how remote the connection, or how strong the evidence. Some evidence of this can be found in a couple recent cases initiated by the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd. This is the same Sheriff made famous by declaring that he had jurisdiction to regulate anything online, so long as it was available for download in Polk County, Florida. According to Judd:

"But it makes no difference, because if you fed that server or you could receive information off that server in this county, then it gives us jurisdiction. ... Technically I could charge someone in Kansas, if I received child pornography here, obtained a warrant and had him extradited from Kansas and tried here."

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