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Please be aware of the graphic nature of this post. If you are triggered by descriptions of violence and abuse, do not read it.

The Reality of Porn

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A Different Kind Of Victim

Every day of late I have been reading in the papers about Michael Jackson’s alleged abuse of children, other days I have been reading about women who have been raped, in my p

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‘Daozakh’ staged at NAG: Honour killing corroding the social fabric

By Mahtab Bashir (Daily Times)

ISLAMABAD: Exposing horrors of honour killing, known as Karo-Kari, Karachi-based ‘Awami Theatre’ on Monday night staged an Urdu stage drama titled ‘Daozakh’ (Hell) at National Art Gallery (NAG).

Organised by Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with Pakistan Anti Narcotics Force and Capital Development Authority (CDA), the play is a part of National Drama Festival 2009.

The set designing was not striking for many viewers but the theme and subject was. The play, however, has all ingredients of a successful drama with its romantic scenes, class conflict, strong plot, dialogue delivery, and tragedy attached with horrendous murder of a character named Aazar.

‘Daozakh’ effectively unveils social issues like poverty, illness, pessimism, unemployment and last but not the least, the evilest of honour killing.

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Statement on the Situation of Human Rights Violations and Abuses Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Africa

Delivered by

In collaboration with

Honorable Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Honorable members of the Commission, distinguished members of the delegation of the member states, distinguished colleagues of the civil society, ladies and gentlemen,

The African Commission on Human and peoples’ rights;

Reaffirming the purposes and principles of the African Charter on Human and peoples’ Rights,

Recalling that States are under the obligation to protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms of all persons,

Acknowledging the important contribution of measures at all levels against discrimination, equality, rule of law and democratic processes, consistent with international law, in particular international human rights law and for the functioning of democratic institutions, the maintenance of peace and security and thereby to the full enjoyment of human rights, as well as the need to continue this fight, including through international cooperation and the strengthening of the role of the African Union institutions and specialized bodies in this respect,

Recognizing that the respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law are interrelated and mutually reinforcing,

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South End gay-bashing suspect pleads guilty

From Bay Windows, the news that a man confessed to brutally attacking two men because they are gay. 


by Ethan Jacobs

Fabio Brandao’s trial was scheduled to begin May 27, but that morning he pleaded guilty to the nine charges filed against him.    (Source:Office of District Attorney Dan Conley)

Fabio Brandao, the 29-year-old Framingham pizza delivery man charged with taking part in a brutal gay-bashing in the South End last August, pleaded guilty to nine criminal charges, including four civil rights violations, on May 27 in Boston Municipal Court.

Brandao originally pleaded not guilty to all charges after his arrest in August, but changed his plea the day his trial was set to begin.

Brandao and three other men, who remain at large, attacked a group of three men and one woman, all in their mid-20s, who were walking home from the Roxy nightclub along Columbus Avenue in the early morning hours of August 24. Brandao and his friends allegedly beat two of the men in the group so severely that they sustained concussions and have no memory of the assault. Throughout the attack the assailants allegedly called the victims "fucking faggots." The attackers then fled the scene in a white Honda station wagon; one of the victims called 911 and reported the license number of the vehicle, which was registered to Brandao. Police also found Brandao’s cell phone at the scene.

After Brandao’s guilty plea, Judge Thomas Horgan handed down a two-year jail term that he suspended for two years. During that two-year period Brandao will be subject to a set of conditions recommended by Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley’s office. He must pay the four victims $4250 in medical bills and other expenses by Nov. 25; he must stay away from the victims and stay out of the South End; and he must complete an anger management program and undergo a court clinic evaluation for anger management.

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Four thugs made disabled girl drink washing-up liquid and then filmed it

From the Yorkshire Post, an example of how the culture of dehumanization of people is played out in physical abuse and cruelty.

A SICK gang of four have been locked up for terrorising a teenage disabled girl by forcing her to drink washing up liquid before beating her and filming the horror on a mobile phone.

The thugs, who included a 17-year-old girl, forced the 19-year-old to lick a pair of trainers, gagged her with tissue and tape, tied to her to a chair and hit her. They also poured water over her head, disabling her hearing aids, before dumping her blindfolded in a freezing park at 5.30am, saying 'we will leave her to be savaged by a dog'.

The next day, two of the group bragged about the horrific attack and showed off photos at least one of them had taken on their mobile phone cameras.

All four admitted false imprisonment and causing actual bodily and appeared at York Crown Court for sentencing.

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Evidence that the BDSM community does not enable abuse

How can you tell BDSM from abuse?

People ask me this all the time.

The idea behind that question is that BDSM “looks like” abuse. BDSM can leave bruises or other marks of pain. When two people are having a BDSM encounter, then — if an outsider were to walk in in the middle — it might look like a scene of abuse. Hence, one of the biggest fears that people outside the BDSM community have about BDSM is that — although it appears to be consensual — BDSM enables abuse, or is used as a mask for abuse.

Are some BDSM relationships abusive? Unfortunately, some are. But abuse happens, sometimes, in all relationships. There are lots of non-BDSM relationships, whose participants have never even heard of BDSM, that are abusive. And the fact is that the majority of BDSM relationships — just like the majority of vanilla relationships — are completely consensual encounters between adults who have specifically sought out, opened themselves up to, their own BDSM desires.

Just as importantly, there are swaths of the BDSM community that actively work against abuse within the community.

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