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Transsexualism is not a mental illness in France

Transsexualism is no longer considered a mental illness in France, the first country in the world to leave the list of psychiatric disorders by a decree published in the Official Journal. The decree of the Ministry of Health removed "early problems of gender identity" of an article of the Code of Social Security on "psychiatric long term."

Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health, announced May 16, 2009, on the eve of World Day of the fight against homophobia and transphobia that transsexualism is no longer considered a psychiatric condition in France.

"France is the first country in the world no longer regarded transsexualism as a mental illness, welcomed Joel Bedos, head to the French Committee IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia).

(Original post, in French)

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'We are not men, we have unique needs'

By Ng Wan Ching

IN A bid to differentiate themselves from gay men, transgender women from 10 Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore, have come together and formed the world's first TG network.

The Asia Pacific Transgender Network aims to combat discrimination and marginalisation of TG women by reaching out and educating the public.

On Wednesday , the first of its sub-group meetings kicked off in Bangkok to discuss, among other issues, how to better utilise resources in reducing HIV/Aids among TG women in the Asia Pacific region.

Said Ms Khartini Slamah of the Pink Triangle Foundation, Malaysia: "For a long time, TG women have been represented among the men who have sex with men (MSM) sub-group. Now there is a recognition that we are a distinct demographic with unique needs."

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Transphobic Comments on the Airwaves

I'm starting up a boycott of the sponsor's of WKSE-FM's morning Janet and Nick show for comments made yesterday on the air about Scott Moore "The 2nd Pregnany Man"


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Nepal 'to stage gay weddings on Everest'

Nepal is set to stage same-sex weddings on Mount Everest as part of a bid to promote the country as the homosexual tourism capital of Asia.

By Dean Nelson [Telegraph]

Nepal's homosexual community, which is led by Asia's only openly gay member of parliament, will next month host a tourism conference to explore how to attract wealthy gay visitors to boost the country's war-ravaged economy.

The country's new constitution will legalise homosexual marriage in May this year, when "Pink Mountain" will begin offering luxury honeymoon and wedding packages.

Sunil Babu Pant, a Communist legislator and leader of the country's homosexual rights movement, has launched a travel company dedicated to promoting the former Hindu kingdom to gay tourists in an effort to tap the so-called "Pink Pound" and dollar.

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Great video: Coming out with Mom

A gay daughter's one-on-one talk with her Mom about coming out.

Michelle from the Beaver Bunch and her Mom discuss questions on coming out.  The Beaver Bunch - where five very different LGBTQ members have come together to break stereotypes, discuss the world at large, and answer your questions.

The Beaver Bunch - where five very different LGBTQ members have come together to break stereotypes, discuss the world at large, and answer your questions.

And should you have any questions (Parents included) email them here :) 

(h/t to @TurboHeather)

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Some People Suck!

Be warned, I'm on my soapbox and I'm venting!

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The Heart of Polyamory: The Elephant in the Living Room

By Millie Jackson

I continue to be very close with an ex girlfriend. We were partnered in what was my last monogamous relationship.  After four years together, we attended a workshop on polyamory at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.  This gave us a context and the vocabulary to begin seriously discussing the prospect of opening our relationship.  Although we agreed that polyamory aligned with our philosophical and spiritual beliefs, we didn’t know how to access the poly life-style.  Our relationship ultimately ended after almost eight years together before we had the opportunity to explore polyamory.

There were ups and downs throughout the break-up.  Since we were financially enmeshed and shared a lease on a house that was our home and our businesses, this process dragged out for an excruciating six months.  This emotionally challenging period eventually led to us taking much needed time apart without any contact.  This was difficult given that we had been not only lovers but best friends, roommates, business associates, and travel companions.  We did everything together--we shared expenses, shared meals, and shared a level of intimacy we had never known before.

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Lovely commercial about trans persons

I saw this and loved it.   It is an advert for Renault and incorporates trans persons in a lovely way.  I am so happy that we are moving forward in this world, away from ignorance and hatred.  Some days, it seems like we're making no progress at all.  But, then something like this comes along and I can see that we are moving to a society of acceptance and embrace.

- arvan

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Dismantling the Closet

Academics have debated the merits of the “closet” for LGBT individuals for quite some time. Many have espoused coming out as act of self-liberation.

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Ins Kromminga: Gender Binary is Absurd

By Ponni Arasu (

First Published : 07 Nov 2009 [express buzz]

Ins Kromminga has been in Delhi for the past few days.  He/she was the guest artist at the Nigah Queer fest ‘09.  The fest, which has partially collaborated with the Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi for the past two years has had one artist from Germany every year.  Ins Kromminga is an artist and activist who works on a range of issues concerning intersex persons.  He/she is the German spokesperson for the Organisation of Intersex International.

I whisked him/her away for a while during the Nigah picnic, at Nehru park in Delhi, the closing event of the fest this year.  Below are Kromminga’s opinions on intersex persons’ issues and the role of art in the same.

What is “intersex”?

I will try and explain this complex aspect in as simple a form as possible.  It is a biological reality where a person’s body integrates parts that are usually considered to be “female” and “male”.  This can be at multiple levels.  It can be in the genetalia, chromosomes, and the genetic system on the whole and so on.  There are many variations in this continuum.  Medical signs has identified eight categories to determine any human being’s sex and all persons have to fit within these to make a clear cut call on a person’s gender.  And thus, presumably, most people will not fit perfectly within these minimalistic paradigms. 

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