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Indian sex workers fight back with karate

Sex workers in India have had enough and are fighting back - literally.  The world's oldest profession is still illegal in many countries.  This leaves sex workers vulneralbe to attack from customers and police. 

There is a vast difference between the lives and daily existences of voluntary sex workers and those that are forced into sex work.  I choose to support the rights of consenting sex workers to make that choice.  I also support the rights of the human beings trapped in sex work to a life of dignity and equality.  I want people trapped in poverty to have other choices besides sex work to begin with and a way out for those seeking it.  Even those inside involuntary sex work deserve health care, freedom from persecution and violence and the protection from police from the crimes committed against them.

Jason Overdorf reports in The Global Post on the change in strategy for sex workers in Chennai, India. 

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IFGE Calls for Action from APA

This was posted over at International Foundation for Gender Education and needs to be seen, tweeted and passed around.




Whereas people are naturally endowed with a wide diversity of gender expression, identities, and sexual orientations;

Whereas, the distress felt by gender non-conforming people is fundamentally due to social prejudice and heterosexism, and is not a characteristic of their identities;

Whereas diagnosis of psychological disorders has been used as a form of social control;

Whereas, the inclusion of normal variations of behavior as diagnostic criteria has been widely used to justify discrimination against gender non-conforming people by individuals, governments, and corporations; and has resulted in material harm to people;

Whereas, the principle responsibility of medicine is to "Do No Harm;"

Therefore, be it resolved that we find the American Psychiatric Association to have a responsibility to ameliorate this harm, and hereby call for the following remedies:

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