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CNBC's "Porn: Business of Pleasure"


Talk to anyone about it and you will find an opinion.  Good.  Bad.  Whatever.  For every reason is a personal opinion.  CNBC does a nice job of looking at the industry and trying to size up its impact, design, marketing and overall health as a business model.  This show aired two nights ago and is available now on Hulu.

Kathee Brewer did a nice write up on this show, over at

Estimated to generate more than $13 billion in annual revenue, the adult entertainment industry long was thought to be recession-proof. However, the internet and other technologies have eroded some of the industry’s traditional economic stability, and porn now seems to be suffering along with every other business during the current global downturn.

“The porn industry has changed technology and can be found in millions of homes, hotel rooms and hard drives across the country,” according to an announcement at “BUT, the business is facing economic challenges. It’s under assault, and not just from the many critics who see it as socially corroding, degrading to women and a risk to the young.” 

If you would like to understand the business of porn / adult content in greater detail, then this show is a good resource.  If you are looking for an affirmation of why porn is either good or bad, then it may not be so useful to you.


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