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Gambia: Human Rights and Homophobia

(Posted at IGLHRC)

The Gambia, led by President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, has had a track record of severe human rights violations with frequent use of security forces as a tool of repression. Jammeh came to power after a military coup in 1994.

Citizens are regularly detained without due process and, in 2008, three judges were unconstitutionally removed from office. Disappearances and unlawful killings of political opponents and human rights defenders have occurred without the Gambian government attempting to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

For more information about human rights violations in the Gambia, see Amnesty International’s 2009 Report here.

The government has also impeded the right to freedom of speech by routinely arresting journalists and, in some cases, charging them with criminal offenses for speaking out.

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New EQCA "Save Our Marriage" ad: Michael & Xavier

Here is a beautiful message about decent people being vilified for political and financial gain.

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Russia Gays to Take Mayor to Court Over “Queer” Jibe

Yuri Luzhkov expressed his insults during TV program


Gay rights activists in Moscow plan to take the city's rampantly homophobic mayor to court for insulting their dignity during an interview in which he said "queers" undermined a morally healthy society.


A Moscow court rejected a previous case made by gay rights campaigners against 72-year-old mayor Yuri Luzhkov in 2007 after he described their marches as "satanic" and banned one.


Prominent gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev said on Wednesday that lawyers would present a new case against Luzhkov to a Moscow court this week and later to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


"Nobody in Russia can win against the authorities. This is about raising awareness," he told Reuters by telephone.


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If I ain't broke, don't fix me

I received a compelling link this morning from OdaRygh on the genital reassignment of children, for cosmetic and social reasoning.  When girls in Africa have their clitoris removed, we call it genital mutilation.  When a boy is born with a small penis and is subsquently subjected to surgery to remove testicles and create a sterile womb - it is done under the auspices of social pressure & male value as determined by penis length. 

Sterility is sterility.  Trauma is trauma.  No choice is no choice.  Please read the full article below.  You can see the entire article with links, here.

There is an detailed and relevant site, focused on a proposed bill to end this practice at



Ethical commentary on gender reassignment: a complex and provocative modern issue
Pediatric Nursing ,  Jan-Feb, 1998  

by Anna J. Catlin 

As ethics editor for Pediatric Nursing, I have examined many difficult ethical issues over the last year in this column. The normal procedure is to choose a manuscript that we have accepted for publication, extensively research the issue, speak to experts in the field, weigh the competing ethical principles, and then come up with a reasoned response. Regarding the issue of gender reassignment, this article provoked me, fascinated me, and confused me simultaneously. The literature was oppositional, experts in the field disagreed, the popular press accounts were sensationalizing. I began to dread writing the response for fear of publishing an inaccurate or incorrect response. Ethics training teaches us to ask the basic moral questions: "What is the good?" and "How do we know?". This commentary is offered with uncertainty, stating what I think may be the good and how I think I know.
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