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My Anger, by Duduzile Dlamini

(h/t SWEAT)

A story supported by the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT) and facilitated by Women'sNet in South Africa.  I found this to be moving, simple and very much at the core of what it means to be human.


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Wed, 7/14



Lecture and Discussion featuring
DR. MICHAEL KIMMEL, PhD, Author & Sociologist, is among the leading researchers and writers on men and masculinity in the world today

Moderated by SHELBY KNOX, nationally known feminist organizer & subject of the Sundance award-winning film, The Education of Shelby Knox

“Michael Kimmel’s Guyland could save the humanity of many young men-and the sanity of their friends and parents- by explaining the forces behind a newly extended adolescence. With accuracy and empathy, he
names the problem and offers compassionate bridges to adulthood.”
— Gloria Steinem

“If you’ve ever had a conversation with a teenage boy and wondered what on earth was going on behind the blank stare and slightly open mouth, this book will serve you well.”
- Chicago Tribune

Obsessed with never wanting to grow up, this demographic, which is 22 million strong, craves video games, sports and depersonalized sexual relationships.  Kimmel offers a highly practical guide to male youth.

GUYLAND is the best-selling investigation of young people’s lives today.

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Teenage Pregnancies Soar as Church Looks the Other Way

By Pavol Stracansky

WARSAW, Jun 1, 2010 (IPS) - Pressure from the Catholic Church to effectively stop sex education in schools is threatening the health of tens of thousands of teenagers who fall pregnant every year because they have little or no knowledge of safe sex, education groups in Poland have warned.

They say many youngsters go into their first sexual relationships with little or no idea of contraception and the health consequences of unprotected sex, as conservative clergy covertly stifle any school sex education that does not conform to the Church’s strict Catholic teachings.

Anka Grzywacz, educator with the Polish Ponton Group of Sex Educators, told IPS: "The Catholic Church has a huge influence in Poland and in schools. The Catholic Church does not want sex education to be taught and, therefore, schools simply do what the Church wants and just do not teach it."

More than 20,000 Polish girls below the legal age of consent give birth each year, according to official figures. But it is believed that many more teenagers fall pregnant, and because of Poland’s strict abortion laws and the unwillingness of doctors to perform even legal abortions, they undergo dangerous illegal abortions or head abroad to have the procedure carried out.

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In Russia, Illegal Abortion Widespread

(Posted at NEWW-Polska)

Every year 1.2 million Russian women deliberately terminate pregnancy and 30,000 of them become sterile, many from the estimated 180,000 illegal abortions.

Russian law permits abortions up to the 12th week of pregnancy. If the future mother is suffering from tuberculosis or mental illness she is permitted to terminate a pregnancy later than 12 weeks.

There is also a variety of social factors, which permit women to commit an abortion up to the 22nd week of pregnancy, including rape, imprisonment and poverty, and death or severe disability of the husband.

Nonetheless, Illegal abortion is widespread in Russia - unofficial estimates say 10-15% of the total, or up to 180,000 terminations.

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APNSW Video Work Shop 2010

In April 2010 APNSW conducted a training workshop for sex workers to learn skills in Video Advocacy.  The training was organised by Dale from APNSW and Ryan Schlief from WITNESS.  Sex workers from China, Myanmar/Burma and Malaysia came to the week long workshop, which was supported by a grant from OSI.

These newly trained film makers made a video action plan for their first film and will be making these films in their country in the next few months with technical support from APNSW.

(h/t APNSW)

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Third European Transgender Council 2010

I received this announcement for the upcoming TGEU 2010 Council meeting in Malmoe, Sweden

Embracing Diversity. Stretching Boundaries. Demanding Rights  

Thursday 6pm, 30th September 2010 – Sunday 2pm, 3rd October 2010

Dear Trans*activists, friends and allies!

Since our last Council 2008 in Berlin, significant developments have evolved all over Europe: The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe published his visionary Issue Paper “Human Rights and Gender Identity”; France announced that it would be the first European country to take steps to de-pathologize Gender Identity Disorder - GID; in the mean time Turkish trans people keep on being exposed to a brutal series of hate crimes, with at least 8 murdered in the last few months.

The European transgender movement has seen incredible growth and is strongly connected with its international counterparts. It is time, to take stock of recent developments and think together about how to maximize human rights for ALL trans people in Europe. We must make our cause inclusive, to ensure that rights and respect are not given to the few. We must not accidentally or greedily exclude the more invisible members of our community.

So, we are delighted to invite you to the Third European Transgender Council 2010.

This year’s council will be held in Malmo in Sweden from Thursday evening, September 30th till Sunday afternoon, October 3rd. So save the date and join us in Sweden for the biggest European forum for transgender rights and activism!

This year’s Transgender Council ‘s motto will be  

Embracing Diversity. Stretching Boundaries. Demanding Rights

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Sex workers' rights: Neither guilt nor victims.

This video was produced by Sexyshock and the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe based on interviews with participants at the European Conference on sex work, human rights, labor and migration , which had held in Brussels in 2005, shortly after the stimulus XXX Forum organized by Stella in Montreal.

I can't say no to anyone shouting:

"Grab your make up, fix your hair.  Prostitutes are everywhere."

(h/t Cybersolidaires)

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Call for Submissions The Carnival of Kinky Feminists

(h/t quietriot girl)

Mission Statement

“To create a space that’s friendly and safe for feminists and kinky people to share their views.   To promote respectful dialogue across the range of feminisms and kinky lifestyles and activities.   To maintain a spirit of tolerance and acceptance on the basis that “Your Kink Is Not My Kink, And That’s OK”, and “Your Feminism Is not My Feminism, And That’s OK”.


All Posts/Carnival links to other blogs to be labelled for content so people know what they’re clicking onto and can choose to avoid content that may squick or trigger them.

For posts posted on this site this will be done before a cut. Links to carnival submissions off site followed with list of labels, for example:

  • Mr Jobby writes about his diet (scat, nutrition)
  • or Grabmeoffthestreet writes about takedown play (consensual non-consent, public covert play, rough handling, contracts)

these are made up examples…

Content (posts, links or comments) that are:

  • Sexist: discriminatory on the basis of gender and/ or that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender.
  • Homophobic/ Biphobic: expressing, fear, contempt or antipathy for or advocating discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals.
  • Transphobic/ Transmisogynist: discrimination against transgender and transsexual persons based on their expression of their internal gender identity
  • Racist: hatred, intolerance, expressions of contempt towards other races
  • Ableist: discrimination or predjudice against people with disabilities
  • Classist: bias based on social or economic class
  • And any other kind of bullshit essentialist stereotyping, such as ‘Twue Typing” or “one true Waying”
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Young Arab Feminist Network hopes to build dialogue with older generations, non-feminists

By Heba El-Sherif / Daily News Egypt

CAIRO: When historians and political analysts first discussed a clash of civilizations, they were referring to a conflict that would arise due to cultural and religious differences in the post-Cold War years. In the world of feminism, however, such clash is born from a difference in age.

In the Arab world, young feminists are finding it hard to carve a space for themselves among an older, more experienced generation of female activists.

Last week, 20 participants from across seven Arab countries came to Cairo for a four-day meeting to kick off the first Young Arab Feminist Network (YAFN), an initiative fueled by a determination to seek gender equality, and a desire to “be taken seriously,” according to one Egyptian founder, Engy Ghozlan.

Ghozlan, who worked with several women’s organizations, recalls a recurrent conversation that, to her, describes the clash between old and young feminists in Egypt.

“This is what they tell us: ‘Where have you been in 1987 when I was doing this and that?’”   “Well I wasn’t here,” she quickly replies, “but now I’m here and I have something to say.”

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Emergency hotline for female genital mutilation started in EU

With SOS, the FGM Task Force now has a child protection project started, which is unique in Germany and Europe.  It focuses on the concrete protection of girls from a very specific violence: female genital mutilation.

In Germany alone, need up to 50,000 under-age girls are classified as endangered.  Up to 80% of these girls actually are subjected to the mutilation.  To protection, they could not count so far with few exceptions.

The experience of recent years have shown that people who have specific information about planned or have already become committed genital mutilation, often do not know whom they can turn to.  Even authorities and youth respond often uncertain and hesitant when girls at risk must be protected.

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