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so, here's a fucking question

Why is an HIV vaccine being tested in Canada with a 2009 HIV population of approx.64,000 instead of sub-saharan Africa with 22.5 million people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS?

We seem to have no problem testing fertilizers, pesticides and weapons systems in Africa, but saving millions of African lives before some thousands of English & French speaking lives - no can do, apparently.

Isn't that more than a little bit fucked up?

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The pope and condoms – a new dawn?

"...a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility"

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The Magnetic Relationship: When Positive & Negative Meet and Mate


Gay relationships come in all varieties and combinations...that's what makes our community so diverse and eclectic! One such couple pairing has been coined "magnetic relationships", which is defined as an HIV-positive and an HIV-negative man in a committed partnership together. Perhaps it stems from fear, ignorance, or other sociopolitical factors, but surprisingly very little has been written on this subject.

One of the most important components of any single gay man's dating plan is a clear vision of the type of partner and relationship he seeks. Knowledge of his negotiable and non-negotiable needs is then used to form a template that he refers to when screening potential dating partners. Such criteria might include looks, professional status, age, race, certain emotional characteristics, etc. When meeting new men, singles intent on searching for Mr. Right will then take special note of the potential goodness-of-fit that exists with his relational vision and values with every dating encounter to avoid investing energy (and their hearts) into mismatched connections. One such criteria that every man must contemplate are his feelings about whether to date within or outside his particular HIV status. They must decide how important or not it is to them in the scheme of their visions for a long-term relationship. In response to a recent poll on my website's "Question of the Month" voting poll regarding whether gay men would date others opposite of their own HIV status, 34% replied "yes" and 66% said "no."

This article addresses those men who have discordant HIV statuses and have decided that other partner traits and relational characteristics hold more importance and priority to them than HIV/AIDS and have invested into committed partnerships. With such minimal literature available on this relationship style, it is hoped that this article will offer some useful tips and support for that segment of the gay population who has been unrepresented.

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AIDS Universal Access and the Lancet's equivocation


Universal access and excluded groups

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Absolutist abolitionists

The sorts of things that are said about sex work

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Call for Abstracts: Sex Tech 2011

Sex::tech 2011

San Francisco, CA - April 1-2, 2011

Conference Goal: To bring health and technology professionals together with youth, parents and community leaders to advance sexual health for youth and young adults.

There are four Tracks for abstract submission:

Field Reports

New or continued work in the area of sexual health and new media, with lessons learned in the field, interactive examples, and any promising results.


Research data and analysis about effective programs in preventing HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancies, or unhealthy relationships among youth or young adults.


Learnings and how-to sessions for professionals around a particular form of technology, such as social networking, geo-location tools, mobile apps, etc. Submitters should showcase their expertise through examples of successful technology applications in the sexual health field.

I’m A…XYZ professional.

Submissions should be descriptions of your job or profession, along with examples of how you interact with professional in other fields, cross-discipline, and with youth, and why your role is key to program success. (Examples: Epidemiologist, Usability tester, Social marketing guru, etc.)

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The PEPFAR pledge: Goosby’s sex work dissembling

Eric Goosby, the head of the USA’s global HIV and AIDS programme

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    The Gift of Death

    With the celebration of World Aids Day on 1 December around the corner with this years’ theme “Universal Access & Human Rights” I decided to engage some people on this topic.

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 24, 2009
    Tel: (312) 545-6871

    On July 23nd, 2009, members of Gender JUST’s Committee on Urban Resource Sustainability and Equity (COURSE) met with officials from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) about concerns related to the equitability and transparency in funding for HIV/AIDS prevention services. “Our primary concern,” said Gender JUST member Ivan Gallardo, “is that those of us living on the South and West sides of the city have to take the bus to the Northside in order to receive services.”

    Other concerns brought up in the meeting included the difficulty of attaining information about how to get involved in the planning process, a shortage of services for young people and transgender communities, and the lack of broad community involvement in these important funding decisions.

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