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We Need to Talk About Bumming

We need to talk about bumming. A discussion about anal sex, sexual identity, gender, loss and poetry. 

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Anal Self Esteem & Pleasure

My mother always told me, “Don’t have butt-sex. No, don’t ever do it!” she’d caution, arms flailing, playing her I’m-a-registered-nurse card. “That area was NOT made for that!”

“Have you ever done it?” I would slyly inquire. To this, she’d give a huff and an almost believably-acted, “No!”

At the time, I hadn’t done it either. I didn’t buy her “It’s wrong!” shtick, but I still feared the inevitable anal proposals to come. For the prior three and a half years I had convinced my then born-again Christian boyfriend that we needed something to save for marriage.

It’s a safe bet to say that the anus is the most disowned area of most people’s bodies. To say that the anus and anal sex are taboo does not begin to capture how personally directed the fear and disgust of the anus is.

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