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Pelvic Floor Potential Defined

I wonder if I could get my ass sued if the authors from whom I reprint passages found their way to my site. Oh well, copyright infringement be damned, I’m doing it anyways! After all, it’s not like I’m making a profit here and if anything it actually promotes their work and might even encourage someone to buy themselves their own copy, righ? At least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself.

With that in mind here’s another definition from the pages of The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom: A Reference Guide to the Symbolism, Techniques, Rituals, Sacred Texts, Psychology, Anatomy, and History of Sexual.

Pelvic Floor Potential

“If the pelvic floor muscles are slack and you do not know how o use them, you are missing out on one whole aspect of sexual  experience.”

                               - Sheila Kitzinger, Woman’s Experience of Sex

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Pornography Helped Betty Dodson

I recently read in Sex for One that Betty Dodson was convinced that she had abnormal labia since one of them was longer than the other. As she tells it, when she was a kid she thought that she had deformed them by masturbating too much. She even made a deal with God that she would immediately stop masturbating if the situation was rectified, only to eventually make a compromise with herself, which consisted of only masturbating on the shorter side in an attempt to even them out.

It wasn’t only Betty was in her thirties that she came to realize that her labia were perfectly normal and in fact desirable. Her lover at the time asked if he could look at her cunt and ashamed she told him what was “wrong” with her lips. Fortunately he assured her that they were perfectly normal and in fact beautiful. In an attempt to reassure her and show her that labia came in all shapes and sizes, he took out some porno magazines and showed her photographic evidence.

This was the first time that Betty was exposed to that kind of material and the experience blew her mind. She came to accept her own body by simply seeing that other women had similarly shaped labia and that our bodies didn’t all fit into one image of how things ought to look. 

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I Touched My Cervix Today

Today was the last day of my period, and while I was squatting in my shower removing my Diva Cup (until next time), I decided to do a little exploration of my vagina.  Having no other tools at hand besides my fingers, I did want any little girl attempting field exploration would do.

That’s right, the index finger of my right hand went looking for my cervix and you know what it really isn’t that hard to find. Now, if you going to try this at home, I recommend the squatting position, because your body automatically pushes your cervix down into your vaginal canal and it makes it easier to reach, especially if you have short fingers, which happens to be my case, although my thumbs are insanely long, a fact that makes me really happy for some unknown bizarre reason.

Putting the length of my fingers aside for a moment, let’s get back to the point in time when I happened to be squatting in my shower, because really feeling your own cervix is kind of amazing if you think about it.  It’s the freakin’ opening to your uterus, it’s the end of the road so to speak and it’s just a nifty little gem of an organ.  Yes, I said nifty.

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