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Film project about Bangladesh transgender life seeks funding

EVERGREEN: A film and project by Aude Leroux-Lévesque and Sébastien Rist.


Evergreen is a documentary film about love and loss. Set in the crowded back alleys of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the film follows Salma and her friends as they enter the mysterious and secretive world of trans-sexuality.  Salma left her village as a boy; she enters the effervescent city life as a 12-year-old girl in search of identity, love and above all, a sense of acceptance. Emotionally torn between her past and present life, Salma is faced with challenging experiences that will force her as well as the audience, to question any preconceived notions of gender, sexuality, family and love. Storyline and title are subjects to change.

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UK / EU Sex Work Blog Seeks Writers

From Caroline:


I am in the midst of setting up a group blog for sex workers and allies about, as the title of this post suggests, sex work and sexuality.

I'd like for it to be concerned mainly with the UK and Europe, though I do want to include US bloggers and issues.

I think this has a hell of a lot of potential. Blogging is a fantastic way of getting the message out to people and so often the US dominates discourse, so having a blog to really push the UK and Europe forward will be a very big thing. And I want this to work.

What I need - some folks from the UK and Europe. So, if you are a sex worker or ally from the UK / Europe and you'd like to participate in this, whether you'd like to be a regular contributer, post sporadically or just want to be in on the ride, give me a shout:
I've already got one or two very groovy people, so you'll be in awesome company :)
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New Sex Worker PSA

APNSW (Asia-Pacific Network of Sex Workers) has posted a new video describing themselves and their own desires for how people can relate to them.  

There are both voluntary and involuntary sex workers and the rights of both groups are to be respected.  There are a lot of differences between the organizations that discuss, support and target sex workers.  There are a lot of strong opinions about the meaning, value and impact of sex work on the lives of sex workers.  Every single person involved in sex work has a personal perspective, their own story, their own values and their own voice.  I encourage everyone with an opinion about sex work and sex workers to look beyond what you already feel/think/know and allow the voices of sex workers to inform your own words and deeds. 


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Tel: (312) 545-6871

On July 23nd, 2009, members of Gender JUST’s Committee on Urban Resource Sustainability and Equity (COURSE) met with officials from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) about concerns related to the equitability and transparency in funding for HIV/AIDS prevention services. “Our primary concern,” said Gender JUST member Ivan Gallardo, “is that those of us living on the South and West sides of the city have to take the bus to the Northside in order to receive services.”

Other concerns brought up in the meeting included the difficulty of attaining information about how to get involved in the planning process, a shortage of services for young people and transgender communities, and the lack of broad community involvement in these important funding decisions.

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$pread Call For Submissions - Issue 5.2

(Over at $pread Magazine, they are looking for writers to contribute to the next issue)Please circulate widely! All questions, pitches, and finished pieces should be sent to contribute at spreadmagazine dot org *Hot Topic: What about the children!? (200-300 words)*What about *your* kids in relation to the work you do? Ever worked while pregnant? Did you enter the biz to support your kids, or leave it when they were born? Please include your location (city and state) and whatever name you'd like us to print.  *Consumer Report: Stripper heels (100 words per)*We're looking for pointed, possibly humorous, product reviews of stripper footwear. Please provide one-to-two sentences per product and be specific about its usefulness, or its incompatibility, in relation to your line of work. Items should be identified by brand and style name. *Positions: Coming out (400 words)*Is coming out to friends, family, or the public worth it? *Reviews (400-600 words)* Like to review a recent piece of sex-work related culture? Please let us know. Reviews should be between 400 and 600 words, but inquire before writing to make sure we haven't already covered your particular selection. *News Reports (500-1,000 words):*Reports should cover current sex worker-related news and events from across the globe. If possible, please include photos with your report.  *Scene Report (500 words)*Where do you work? Send us a description of your local workplace (e.g., brothel, club, parlor, dungeon, or street corner) and tell us about the venue where you work and how it compares to other locales. Past scene reports covered the New York street scene in the Village and escorting in Orange County, CA. Please include both personal and more industry-wide perspectives of your region.

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