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International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women

Between Past & Future

8.-17. oktober 2010

This year's edition of the City of Women Festival will address the topic Between Past & Future.

The conceptual background relates to the eponymous book by Hannah Arendt who, back in the 1960's, argued that the condition of human existence, robbed of the traditional, transcendental, religious and moral standards employed to bridge the abyss between past and future, lost direction.  Artists and theoreticians with various views, experiences, approaches, backgrounds and cultural milieu will challenge audiences between 8th and 17th October with their reflections and responses to the relationship between past and future that we confront today. 

The events will be held at most various venues, such as Cankarjev Dom, the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, the Old Power StationElektro Ljubljana, Škuc Gallery, Kinodovr, Glej Theatre, Ljubljana Dance Theatre, Grubar Palace, Tromostovje etc.

The following artists are participating in City of Women 2010:

Ditka Haberl, Marcella and The Forget me Nots, Hana Makhmalbaf, Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik, Lauren Newton & Joëlle Léandre, Helena Hunter, Eleanor Bauer, DakhaBrakha, Oreet Ashery, Perry Bard, Stefania Bonatelli, Katharina Hesse & Lara Day, Jessica Lagunas, Vesna Miličević, Nandipha Mntambo, Katarina Mootich, Maflohé Passedouet, Kira O'Reilly, Petra Reimann, Yvonne De Rosa, Judith Witteman, Meta Grgurevič, Miya Masaoka, Antonia Baehr, Nicole Beutler, Tanja Ostojić, Marina Gržinić & Aina Šmid, Ana Hoffner, Isa Rosenberger, Sophie Déraspe, Sonja Heiss, Mia Engberg, Shalimar Preuss, Charlotte Ginsborg, Birgitte Staermose, Manon de Boer, Stereo Total, HK 119, Guerrilla Girls on Tour, Nataša Živković, Katarina Stegnar


City of Women – Association for the promotion of women in culture
Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Office: Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 (0)1 438 15 80
Mobile: +386 (0) 40 816 448
E-mail: info(at)

Artistic Director:
Mara Vujić
Tel: +386 (0)1 438 1580
Mob: +386 (0) 40 816 447

Finances, organization:
Sandra Đorem
Tel: +386 (0)1 1 438 15 80
Mob: +386 (0) 40 816 448

Public relations:
Tel: +386 (0)11 438 15 80
Mob: +386 (0) 40 816 448

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Pride Film Festival: Seeking Queer Film [Call for Submissions]


PRIDE, a Bloomington, Indiana film festival exploring a wide variety of issues and situations involving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, is seeking full-length and short films and videos for its 2011 festival held at the end of January. The films can be on any topic relating to a diverse range of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and/or transgender issues.  The deadline for submissions is September 31st, 2010. The Midwest festival spans three days, with multiple showings at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theater in downtown Bloomington.

Select filmmakers will be invited to attend the festival and speak about their work, and three awards will be given to the Audience Favorite, Jury Selection, and the Alfred C. Kinsey Prize winners.  The Alfred C. Kinsey Prize is given annually to a film that furthers our understanding of gender and sexuality, and the filmmaker is invited to submit a copy of the film to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, which is located at Indiana University in Bloomington.

PRIDE seeks films that express a range of viewpoints and feature many different personality types and situations, advocating community-wide attitudes of awareness, acceptance and appreciation of diversity. The goals of the festival are to strengthen the local community and celebrate artistic talent and achievement.

Film Requirements
The film must be recent: no entries of films produced prior to 2009, please.
            Short films – maximum 30 minutes
            Feature-length films – maximum 120 minutes
Submission Formats:
Presentation Screening Formats:
            Beta SP
Entry Fee: None

Deadline: Sept 31, 2010

You may submit your film by sending a DVD along with a document giving details of the film, including length, format, year of production and a short synopsis, to:

Buskirk-Chumley Theater
P.O. Box 1323
Bloomington, IN 47402

For more information about PRIDE, please visit:

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Red Umbrella Diaries Blog Carnival - Call for Participants!

Greetings, Red Umbrella Diaries fans!

I wanted to let you know that the new call for participants for the Red Umbrella Diaries Blog Carnival is open!

For the next event, which takes place on September 2, the theme is Demand Side.

Here’s a little something to get you started thinking:

Sex workers get all the attention for their exciting, messed up, complicated lives, and everyone wants to know: what made you do this? But what about the patrons, without whom there would be no business?

I’m looking for pieces of writing by sex industry clients, stories from sex workers about their clients, and analytical pieces that turn the lens on the demand side of the business.

Send me a piece that is up to 700 words long, and I’ll pick my favorite to read at the event – and of course then I’ll put the recording in the new Red Umbrella Diaries audio podcast.  Your piece can be previously published on your own blog or elsewhere, or you can conceal your identity and email me a piece that you can’t put your name on.  The themes can be interpreted all kinds of different ways, I love to see creativity.

Send your links or text to by August 15th.

I would love it if you would consider forwarding this out to others that might be interested, post it on your blogs, tweet or facebook the information, or otherwise send it out into the world!  The participation grows each month, and I'm very excited about the submissions that we're receiving.  And as a reminder - the writing can be from blog entries that are years old, or short essays or stories written months ago; it doesn't need to be written specifically for the blog carnival, as long as it fits the theme.

The direct link to the website is:

Audacia Ray
Blogs: *
Advocacy: * *
The Red Umbrella Diaries:
Videos: *

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Call for Participants: Size Acceptance Survey

(h/t Kate Harding)

This looks good.  Contact Michaela directly, for details.  -arvan

Hi, my name is Michaela A. Null, and I am a doctoral student in Sociology at Purdue University. I am doing a study about the embodiment of size-accepting fat women, with attention to the ways in which gender, race, sexual orientation, and body size intersect.

I am currently looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering to participate in my study. If you are interested in volunteering to participate in an interview, I ask that take an electronic informational survey, which will take approximately 5 minutes. Please go here and complete the informational survey. After all survey data has been collected, participants will be selected for interviews, which will be conducted in-person, by phone, or via internet chat, and will last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Participation is voluntary and participants must be at least 18 years old.

This project has been approved by my university’s Institutional Review Board, which protects human subjects of research. I will provide confidentiality to all volunteers and participants will be referred to by a pseudonym in all research documents.

If you have any questions regarding this study, you can contact me at For more information on me, you can access my university
profile here
. You can also contact Professor Eugene Jackson, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Purdue University, at


Michaela A. Null, Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, Purdue University

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New Call for Submissions: Personal Reflections on Gender

The original Hackgender call for submissions lasted one week and was intended as the start of an urgent conversation on gender.

This archive is an extension of that project, intended as an ongoing space for archiving both new and old thoughts on gender. We are now accepting submissions in all digital forms: text, photos, art, comics, blogs, video and more.

July: Personal Reflections Call for Work

In July, we are seeking work to extend one of the popular themes that emerged from the original call: personal reflections on gender identity. What are your thoughts on gender in regards to yourself? Your identity? Your sexual orientation? Your desires? Your community?

All submissions will be archived on, linked to your own blog or page if applicable, and announced through the Hackgender twitter account with the #hackgender hashtag.

Work can be submitted through the contribution form: if you have a project that cannot be submitted through that form or require assistance, email at info -at-

July's call starts July 1st at 12:01am EST and ends July 31st at 11:59pm EST.

After this time, works on this topic will still be accepted but the call for submissions will move on to a new area and new personal reflections will no longer be featured or announced on twitter.

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Attention: Filthy Queer Exhibitionists (NZ Based)

I found a new blogger the other day via Twitter, Amie Wee.  She does many fun things around sex, body, self image and many things queer.  Her tag line is "Queer. Porny. Unicorny."  How can I not love that??  At the very least, check out her blog.

So, she's looking for people interested in making some fuck films in the New Zealand area.  If you're interested, reach out and touch someone...even if it's only yourself. ;-)

After much porn watching, lurking, admiring and jerking off, I’ve decided that it’s time I started work on my own porn project. I want to make a DVD and if you’re a filthy queer exhibitionist, I WANT YOU (in a ‘captured on celluloid’ kind of way).

I’m looking for: queer guys, girls, transboys & girls, girlfags, boydykes, homos, faggots, bbw’s, alt folk, ftm, mtf, gays, lesbos, bisexual, genderqueer, genderfuckers, anti-gender, etc. (Anyone who lives outside the hetero-societal normative square).

I want you to be a part of my project, in which we make some raw, beautiful, ugly, creative, real and goddamn horny art porn.

I’m also looking for anyone else who wants to be involved or who can help (ie. Finding talent, locations, costumes, etc).

You definitely need not have done this before and you will not be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You’ll work in a safe space with bare minimum crew (and myself as director) and be given the opportunity to explore your fantasies. It’s going to be insanely fun.

Need more info or want to be a part of the project? Contact me (amieweexxx AT gmail DOT com).

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MAGNET hosting a panel on misrepresentation of transsexual women by gay male media outlets

In mid July MAGNET is hosting a panel in L.A. called

"The Dehumanizing Misrepresentation of Transsexual Women Through the Gay Male Media Mafia Lens" 

More details to come on the collaborators, panelists, date and venue.

Please let us know your thoughts on this epidemic so we can include them in the planning and discussion.

Thank you,

Ashley Love -
Organizer of MAGNET- Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People

MAGNET is an anti-defamation organization dedicated to educating the media about transsexual and transgender issues, as well as pushing for more authentic and positive portrayals of trans people in the media.

facebook notice, Ashley's blog or email Ashley directly.

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2010 Sexy International Paris Film Festival

Paris is excited by the Sexy International Paris Film Festival!

The 2nd edition of the Sexy International Paris Film Festival (SIPFF) will roll out the pink carpet from 24 -27 June 2010 in Paris, France showcasing an international programme of films dedicated to desire, eroticism, sexuality and sex.

Four days of cultural festivities will commence with the opening night of «Pink Eiga» erotic films, premiering in Paris for the first time on the big screen. Complimenting this is a diverse and rich four day programme of films from all over the world as well as creative performances and expositions.

«Sexy» will brighten the darkened the cinema room of one of the most dynamic, independent cinemas - the Cinéma Le Grand Action, as well as a special «Best – of» and Gay | Lesbian Panorama celebration at the Yono Bar in the Marais, in the heart of the Parisian Gay District.

Art lovers and cinephiles will meet and take advantage of the diverse programme. There will be  more than 90 short and medium length films screened, including our international and francophone short film compeition where our jury of cinema professionals, headed by Marc Duret (Nikita, Le Grand Bleu, La Haine) will present awards to our best films on closing night. Prizes include Best International Short, Best Francophone Short, Jury Prize and Audience Prize.

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Call for Submissions from Lebanese LGBT Monitor: Homosexual Love "Habibi Mithli"

Dear supporters,

In celebration of our one year anniversary we would like to invite you to participate in our "Habibi Mithli" contest.

In June 21st 2009, the Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor was launched by Raynbow to keep you updated on the latest news of the Lebanese gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community.

1. Submit your art work that reflects the theme of the contest: HOMOSEXUAL LOVE.
Your art work can be:

  • Original or edited photo

  • Drawing, comic, cartoon

  • Graphic Design

2. Post your submission on our page by the deadline of June 21, 2010.

3. Your submission will be judged in two methods:

   # Number of "likes" your submission receives on our page

   # Voting by the 3 active admins of this page

4. Your prize will be any item of your choice from

Raynbow Fund-raising Online Store

delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

First prize: up to $50 USD

Second prize: up to $25 USD

If you have any questions, post them on our wall and we will respond in a timely manner.

The Monitor team

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Call for submissions: /Slant/Sex/ at Drunken Boat Online Mag

Drunken Boat, Online Art & Literature Magazine is placing a call for written work from all aspects of transgpersons' lives.  It sounds great.  -arvan

Decades after Women’s Lib and Stonewall, in the time of queer theory, gurlesque and “girls gone wild,” there are still aspects of women and transgender people’s sexuality that are taboo or discounted (the sexuality of older women and women with disabilities, for example, or a joyful transgender sexual self).  We are looking for poems, prose, and multimedia/interactive art that address these topics.

This is a call for bold, honest investigations of the sexual female/trans self that polite society has yet to fully embrace.

We particularly encourage submissions from women of color, older women, queer women, women with disabilities, and transgender/two-spirit/intersex/gender nonconforming folks.

Please submit through our online submissions manager.

Submission accepted May 15 – September 15, 2010

*By “women” we include both cisgender and transgender women, and by “transgender people” we include both transmen and transwomen as well as genderqueer and gendernonconforming people.  We reject the gender binary, acknowledge that people have multiple ways of identifying their gender, and seek to be fully inclusive of all women-identified and trans-identified people in this call.

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