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CALL FOR PAPERS - Gender & Development: Migration

The March 2011 issue of the international journal Gender & Development, (published for Oxfam GB by Routledge/Taylor and Francis) will focus on Migration.

The decision to leave home is not taken lightly. It is both frequent and normal for millions of women and men, worldwide, to travel away from their homes and families to seek peace, security, or the means to make a living.

Increasingly, development researchers and workers are asking for guidance on how to plan and implement work to support migrants, their families and dependents - at home, and in their new locations. This necessitates a shift in the traditional development focus on the needs of a community in a particular place, to supporting the human networks which shift between rural to urban locations, between countries, and back again.

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Third European Transgender Council 2010

I received this announcement for the upcoming TGEU 2010 Council meeting in Malmoe, Sweden

Embracing Diversity. Stretching Boundaries. Demanding Rights  

Thursday 6pm, 30th September 2010 – Sunday 2pm, 3rd October 2010

Dear Trans*activists, friends and allies!

Since our last Council 2008 in Berlin, significant developments have evolved all over Europe: The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe published his visionary Issue Paper “Human Rights and Gender Identity”; France announced that it would be the first European country to take steps to de-pathologize Gender Identity Disorder - GID; in the mean time Turkish trans people keep on being exposed to a brutal series of hate crimes, with at least 8 murdered in the last few months.

The European transgender movement has seen incredible growth and is strongly connected with its international counterparts. It is time, to take stock of recent developments and think together about how to maximize human rights for ALL trans people in Europe. We must make our cause inclusive, to ensure that rights and respect are not given to the few. We must not accidentally or greedily exclude the more invisible members of our community.

So, we are delighted to invite you to the Third European Transgender Council 2010.

This year’s council will be held in Malmo in Sweden from Thursday evening, September 30th till Sunday afternoon, October 3rd. So save the date and join us in Sweden for the biggest European forum for transgender rights and activism!

This year’s Transgender Council ‘s motto will be  

Embracing Diversity. Stretching Boundaries. Demanding Rights

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Call for Submissions: Trans Artist/Performers and Filmmakers

Attention all Trans Artist/Performers and FILMMAKERS!

Transgiving is looking for trans Film makers to submit their film work to be shown at the next Transgiving Film festival on August 28th 2010!

Their film festival last year was a huge success and had a packed theater, so they have decided to continue the Transgiving Film Festival. But they need your help!

They are currently looking for new films to be shown at the next film festival.  They are looking for all kinds of different films!

Are you interested?

CLICK HERE to go to the submission page!

While you are here, check out the video from last years film festival's Q & A panel:

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Special Bondage & Burlesque Performance Art Show at Leather Archives & Museum

In the GAG Contemporary Fetish Gallery at the Leather Archives & Museum.

Special Bondage & Burlesque Performance Art Show


Cherries Jubalie & Leon Von Monkey Fetish

Stage Door Johnies

Faustina Von Fetish

Bizarre Sally

Stormy Night


Mr. Phoenix

Girlie Q

Katerina D'Arkham

Ms. Dana

Ellie Noise

Candy XXX and others

Drink tickets available, ID required for purchase. 21 and over please.

Leon Grossman’s erotic art photography is being featured in his first one-man show at the GAG Gallery at the Leather Archives & Museum beginning April 30, 2010 and running through July.  Leon’s works feature many local performance artists and reflect his skill at rope craft turning bondage into beauty.

Opening night:


April 30th from 7pm to 11pm there will be a gala with live burlesque & bondage performers to celebrate the art in the photography turned to life.  The main performance begins at 9pm.  DJ Christian Catastrophe will be spinning tracks. Suggested donation to the opening night gala is $10 and there will be tickets for the cash bar available to those 21 years and older.

Artists Biography:

Leon, originally a native of Oklahoma, began experimenting with photography while attending the University of Oklahoma. He moved to Chicago in 1998 and became a part of the pansexual BDSM community shortly thereafter. He is well known for his leadership and activism in the Chicago BDSM community and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Leather Archives & Museum.

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Call for applications to the CSBR Sexuality Institute

Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)

III. CSBR Sexuality Institute 2010

18-25 September 2010, Jakarta, Indonesia

***Deadline for Applications: May 21, 2010***

The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) is pleased to announce the 3rd CSBR Sexuality Institute 2010 to be held between September 18th and 25th 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Designed as a comprehensive curriculum on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights with an in depth discussion on the linkages between research and practice, the CSBR Sexuality Institute offers a holistic interdisciplinary program combining history, theory, research and politics of sexuality with applications of advocacy, and fieldwork.
The CSBR Sexuality Institute brings together leading leading sexual and reproductive rights activists, academics and researchers. Held previously in Malaysia (2008) and Turkey (2009) with participants from 19 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the institutes include lectures, group work, roundtables, panels, site visits and film screenings, as well as a methodology to engage participants’ own experiences around sexuality.


“I would summarize the experience I had at the CSBR Institute in one word - that is: LIBERATING. The novelty of this [CSBR’s] discourse in our socio-cultural context is certainly one important aspect, but more importantly, the silence that our society harbors around sexuality has become so “normal” that we often forget how integral it is to our existence and well-being.”  (Mahrukh Mouhiddin, BRAC University – Bangladesh, CSBR Sexuality Institute 2008).
“In one sentence; the Institute has shown me that sexuality is not only about problems, ill-being and repercussion; it is also about pleasure, happiness, well being and CHANGE” (Gulalai Ismail, Aware Girls – Pakistan, CSBR Sexuality Institute 2009).

The realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights is an integral part of gender equality, development and social justice. However, sexuality continues to be a contested site of political struggles both in Muslim societies and across the globe. Increasing global militarism, conservatism, and nationalism over the last decades provoked a serious backlash on sexual and reproductive health and rights, both at national and global levels. Given the current polarizations, it is more pertinent than ever to strengthen critical insight, further research, enhance knowledge and capacity on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and build an inclusive and affirmative discourse on sexuality.

In the above mentioned context, the aims of the CSBR Sexuality Institute are:

To further knowledge on the multi-dimensional and intersecting aspects of sexuality, health and rights;

To develop a deeper theoretical understanding of sexuality through a historical overview and analysis of current debates and research at the global level;

To  provide a comprehensive and holistic understanding of sexuality in Muslim societies through a discussion of the history, legal frameworks, research, and current discourses;

To enhance participants’ sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy skills on national and international levels;

To increase participants’ capacity as leading advocates, practitioners and researchers on sexuality issues at national, regional and international levels.

“In face of the rise of the so called fundamentalism or hard line Islamic revivalism, the Institute gave me the basic paradigm to see and analyze how we take position in order to challange the repression.” (Dwi Ayu, Komnas Perempuan – Indonesia, CSBR Sexuality Institute 2008).

“I have never been to anything this exhaustive and detailed. It shed light on the intersections between religion, sexuality, health, the terminology and bodily rights. I learned more about the international arena and how to use it to advance your case. It was very instrumental for me both at the personal and professional level, basically shaping the way I will address my work.”  (Joelle Hatem, MEEM – Lebanon, CSBR Sexuality Institute 2009).

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Intersex as Identity: Movie screening and lecture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SAIC is presenting two events this week dealing with gender identity, one film and one lecture.  I spoke briefly with Quiana Carter at the SAIC about these events.  The come about as an extension of the school's commitment to addressing the topic of gender per discussions with by students and faculty.  These events are open to all, as the school is looking to create an open dialogue in exploring gender and society.

Monday, April 12, 6 p.m.
SAIC Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr.
Free Screening

Directed by Lucía Puenzo, this 91-minute feature tackles issues facing 15 year-old Alex (Inés Efron), who was born an intersex child. XXY (2007) was Argentina's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 2008 Academy Awards. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Exs & Whys a presentation by Jen Pagonis
Tuesday, April 13, 6 p.m.
SAIC Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr.

A recent graduate of DePaul University and a member of the The Intersex Collective Speakers Bureau, Jen Pagonis received her degree in Women's and Gender Studies and completed her thesis on the topic of intersexuality. Her thesis presentation included original research and interviews with intersex activists from the San Francisco bay and Chicago areas. She is currently working on creating a peer led intersex youth and parent group in the Chicago area. Her appearance follows the screening of XXY on April 12 (see Films and Screenings). Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

For more information, contact:

Quiana Burwell
Multicultural Affairs Assistant Director
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
36 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 1203 J2

Ph: 312.629-6868
Fax: 312.629.6801

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Call for Submissions: "21st Century Queer" (new 'zine)

Call for participants – please pass this on to other queer artists

Darin Klein & Friends Present:

Suzanne Wright
at Amy Adler’s Echo Park studio
March 27-April 24

Details at

21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves

‘Zine submissions must be received by April 15

Queer Pile-up!

A one-night exhibition of queer LA artists on April 17

21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves

A ‘zine by and about queer artists living and working in the 21st Century.  A resource for sharing information and educating ourselves and our peers. A guide to identifying, contacting and inspiring each other.   Not a visual artist?  Queer artists work in many ways, and all are welcome – I’m sure you can think of a way to contribute!

Mail me 100 standard 8 1/2×11” copies (black ‘n white or color) of text(s) and/or image(s) documenting or representing your work.  Limit one page per artist, please.  On the backside, print info about yourself and your work.  I need everything by April 15!

Darin Klein

1529 1/2 Rosalia Road

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Your work is done!  I’ll collate and staple it all together.  The result will be 100 ‘zines including all the submissions, released to the public on April 17 at the Queer Pile-up!

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New Presentation: “Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality”

The theme of this conference is: “Dangerous Nonsense - Exploring the Gulf between Science and its Impostors.”

This theme is the context for her talk entitled “Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality” that will focus on the scientific evidence on core sexuality obtained over the last fifty years and the medical profession’s treatment of intersex, homosexual, and transsexual peoples.

Here’s a conference description and schedule:

The Center For Inquiry/Chicago First Annual Spring Conference:
Dangerous Nonsense: Exploring the Gulf between Science and its Impostors

Saturday, April 24th, 2010


8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

111 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago 60601
26th Floor - Conference Room
Bunkum grows like a weed in American culture - whether it's climate change denial, conspiracy theories, or healing by prayer.  Some ideas are not only nonsense, they are dangerous nonsense, with serious implications for our lives.  In this age where misinformation can be spread more easily than ever before, understanding the role of the scientific process in human affairs is critical to our survival.  This conference will present top scientists in biology, physiology, and physics, each of them gifted at explaining both the science and its impostors of their respective fields. 
Join them and gain valuable insight into exploring the world through science and reason.
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New Support Blog For Sexual Partners of Asexuals

This announcement over at came out, highlighting a new site for those in relationship with someone identifying as asexual.  Looks interesting and I hope it takes off.  There are probably a great deal of folks that can identify with this. -a

Well, I've finally done it! Looking around the Internet last week, I could find absolutely no support organizations for sexuals in long-term relationships with asexuals. So, I started one! I launched the site on March 12, 2010. The web site can be found at:

"Sexual Partners of Asexuals" may sound like an oxymoron. This phrase refers to individuals who would consider themselves to be "sexual," yet find theselves in a long-term relationship with an "asexual." Such relationships can be highly problematic, resulting in tremendous stress, frustration, and hardship for both the sexual and the asexual partner. Given that there are numerous support organizations for asexuals, the spasupport organization is dedicated to providing support to the sexual partner within a sexual-asexual relationship.

This is done in a context that recognizes asexuality as a sexual orientation, and in an environment that provides both sexuals and asexuals dignity and respect.

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Real Queer's Trouble Launches Alt-Porn Talent Agency

By Bob Johnson [XBIZ]

SAN FRANCISCO — Indie feminist pornographer Courtney Trouble announced that she will be managing adult talent through

The agency is poised to fill the need for ethical, professional casting assistance for unique, authentic performers - including but not limited to alternative, BDSM, fetish, queer, lesbian, and trans performers, according to the company.

“I have been told consistently that one of my greatest traits as a pornographer is my ability to cast the right person for the right project. Cultivating healthy working relationships with my performers has always been my biggest goal in this industry, and moving forward to promote these artists seems like the next logical step,” Trouble said.

Initial clients include 2009’s Feminist Porn Awards "Heartthrob of the Year," Dylan Ryan and fetish model Sarah Lee Sinful. Both are performers in Trouble’s Reel Queer Productions/Good Releasing films, and her own company

The company will also provide casting assistance to both mainstream and indie production companies through a database of over 100 established and aspiring performers.

“There has been a lot of great work done in female-friendly filmmaking in the past year, but no work done to connect the indie, “feminist,” and “queer” genres to the mainstream. I hope to achieve a working relationship between the indie and the mainstream by being a resource for casting and ethical business practices. It’s time to take this groundbreaking work behind the scenes into performer relations!,” Trouble said.

For more information contact

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