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Special SEX+++ sponsored event!

a thorough exploration of pornography, kink, consent, and fine lines

documentary and discussion
featuring film director Barbara Bell

Presented by Clarisse Thorn and the Sex+++ Film Series in support of the Leather Archives & Museum

This event is generously sponsored by Shibaricon, the world's premier international pansexual annual rope bondage educational conference.  Located in the Chicago area May 28-31, 2010.

When: Friday, February 12, 7:30PM
Where: The Leather Archives & Museum, 6418 N. Greenview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626. For more information, please contact Director of Programming, Jennifer Tyburczy, at
Suggested Donation: $5-10
Light refreshments provided by Shibaricon

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Co-founder and director of CineKink Lisa Vandever is looking for a group of kinky film-lovers to help spread the word about the kinky film festival. I’d love it if you’d read below about her work and check out the website for more information.

Please repost, tweet, facebook and otherwise share this post about CineKink’s events and need for support...and see what you can do to become a sponsor, yourself.


The seventh annual edition of CineKink NYC is scheduled for February 16-21, 2010.

Once again the kinky film festival will feature a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. Along with a wealth of screenings, plans for the event also include a short film competition, audience choice awards, presentations, gala kick-off party and sexy AfterGlow celebration, all to be followed with a national screening tour.

While we’re just finalizing the schedule, among this year’s stories are a couple’s first brush with the world of swinging, a judge forced to choose between his legal career and his wife’s hunger for S/M and a French sex farce with actual sex in it! Viewers will also get a look at the boylesque sensation Waxie Moon and take part in “Bring It!,” our annual show-down between some of adult entertainment’s hottest directors.

Attendance at the CineKink NYC event, which runs over six days, averages 3,200-3,400 overall.  Turn-out for tour appearances, which vary market-to-market in terms of venue size and number of screenings, ranges between 150-1,500 per city.

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Save the date! 12th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development

The AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development is the largest event of its kind. Held every three years, the Forum brings together women's rights leaders, donor agencies, development practitioners, grassroots leaders and activists from around the world to strategize, network, celebrate, and learn.

We are excited to announce that the 12th AWID Forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in late 2011.

The Forum is a key space for women’s movements around the world to strategise, renew, re-energise and develop innovative solutions to pressing women’s rights issues. We very much hope you will join us there.

More information on the 12th AWID Forum will be available in the coming months on so please visit the site regularly for the latest updates but for now, please save the date!

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Beyond the Blue Sky: LGBT Art Exhibit from Mongolia

January though April

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center

208 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th Aves)

New York, New York 10011

Entrance is FREE and open to the public, so feel free to bring anyone and everyone! Contact Brandt Miller with any questions at

Mongolia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have long been misunderstood and rejected in Mongolian society. Ignorance, misunderstanding and intolerance have led to widespread prejudice, discrimination and violence.  Fear of persecution on simply the basis of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity has forced many members of the LGBT community to hide their true selves, thereby becoming an invisible presence in a hostile world.  However underground the community may be, it is nonetheless a vibrant one, full of hope, passion, dreams, and a burning desire to one day gain acceptance and recognition.  They are your friends, your colleagues, your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.  They share the same goals, the same loves, the same triumphs, the same heartaches.

This exhibition gives visibility to this largely hidden group within our society, to allow them to articulate their life struggles through the medium of art. It is the first time in this country’s history that such an exhibition has been held, and it would not have been possible without the collaboration of the local LGBT community, contributions from national and international artists, and support from countless individuals committed to social change.

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Chicago Dyke March Open Planning Meeting: January 21, 2010

chicago dyke march is taking place on the south side this year!!

start your year queer: a chicago dyke march collective "meet and greet"

January 21st at 6:30 pm
STOP / Backstory Cafe, 6100 S. Blackstone Ave*
please RSVP to
*Look for signs for Backstory Cafe; it is between 61st St and 61st Place; behind Carnegie School
call 773-273-9732 if you are lost or for more info

This is an invite for all people and orgs. interested in learning more about the 2010 Chicago Dyke March, and talking about where it will take place this summer and the next.

About the location: We don't know yet!  But we know that the 2010 Chicago Dyke March is taking place on the south side of Chicago, and that we need your help to choose a specific neighborhood.

AT THIS MEET AND GREET participate in an open conversation about what the march is, how we organize, the process of picking a location, how you can participate, and meet past and current organizers!  Whether you are interested in helping organize the march march or just want to join the conversation and show your support, please come!

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Call for Submissions for the 2nd Bangalore Queer Film Festival

THE BANGALORE QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (BQFF 2010) is calling for submissions. The deadline is 30 January 2010. Details here.

The festival will be held at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore on 26, 27 and 28 February 2010.

The BQFF 2010 is a non-ticketed free event aimed at providing a venue to screen films based on themes related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBT or Queer) communities across the world.  This is the second edition of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival.

The event is presented by Good As You (a support group for LGBT people, est. 1994), SWABHAVA (a non-profit organisation working with LGBT issues in Bangalore, est. 1999) and WHaQ! (a support group for queer women, est. 2009).

While sincerely apologising for this short notice, the organisers request you to send in films for consideration/preview as early as possible.  For more information please contact the organisers at

Please spread the word to any film-makers/ studios that you know.  The Bangalore Queer Film Fest 2010 (on Feb 27-28) is looking for submissions.

This is a non-ticketed event intended to promotote awareness and provoke discussion. We would really, really like film makers to come forth and participate. DVD/ Digital submissions.

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IFGE 2010: Call for Conference Presenters & Provider Day Posters

The Capital Conference 2010, IFGE’s 24th Annual conference, will have two segments.  A Providers Day will be held on April 22nd in collaboration with the George Washington University's Department of Speech and Hearing Science with a theme of “Building Competencies for Serving TransPeople and their Families”.

There will also be a poster presentation session that evening.  The Provider Day will allow those who provide speech, medical and mental health services to the transgender community, to share their knowledge to an audience of other providers.  We welcome applications for participation in the Provider Day Poster session. Poster presenters will receive a discount off the full registration fee.

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Love Takes Over: A new national campaign for same-sex marriage

One week.  One unified voice.  Let’s take over America’s local newspapers.

What to do:

Write an Opinion Piece to your local newspaper in support of same-sex marriage.  All across the nation, others will be doing the same.

Articles are to be printed at any point during the week of Sunday, January 3rd - Saturday, January 9th.

Note: Please email your article to so we can post it up on our blog (

Things you might discuss in your article:

- Why this issue matters to you (your personal story)
- Why Civil Marriage is a Civil Rights issue
- Rights and protections granted through marriage
- Why Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships are not equal to marriage
- How inequality affects the families and children of same-sex couples

- A suggestion from Jude Stevens and blogger SecondClassCitizens: Consider writing a letter to your hometown about your experiences growing up LGBT or being a straight ally.  How does inequality affect LGBT youth?  How will marriage equality help them?

- College Students: If your college is on winter break during this event - please write an Opinion Piece to your hometown newspaper. You may then submit the article to your school newspaper upon returning to campus. You might also consider writing about any responses or reactions you receive and sharing them with your campus.

Please also alert your local newspaper of the fact that your piece is part of a nationwide effort.  This will enhance the chances of your piece being published.

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International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers - December 17

On December 17, 2009 Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago will join other sex worker rights organizations all over the world in commemorating the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.  This date was chosen by Dr. Annie Sprinkle in recognition of the conviction of Gary Ridgway, the Green River killer, a man whose reign of terror over almost twenty years resulted in the known deaths of 48 women.  These women, who also happened to be sex workers, were targeted by Ridgway because, in his own words, "I picked prostitutes because I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught".

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CREA: Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Training

An Online Course for Practitioners and Activists in Human Rights, Public Health and Development Organizations and Movements

Applications are due December 18, 2009
Download brochure(PDF), brochure(DOC) and application form

February 1 – April 1, 2010 (9 weeks, 5 hours per week)

The Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Training provides a study of theory and
practice for people working in fields such as development, health and rights, including disability and sexuality.  The aim is to develop awareness of issues of disability and sexuality and a political perspective on disabled people’s sexual rights.  Participants develop their ability to work in inclusive and holistic ways that further health and rights.

Why take this course?

• Disabled people are often excluded or discriminated against in relation to their
sexuality by health, development and rights organizations because they are not
considered sexual or they are thought to be vulnerable or uncontrolled sexually.
• Disability rights activists and service providers often disregard sexuality issues and rights in favor of issues considered more pressing and appropriate like employment and physical access.
• However, sexuality is an important part of life, identity, society and culture for all
people, including people with disabilities. It can be a source of pleasure and pain,
empowerment and oppression. It cannot be ignored.

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