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(Re)Figuring Sex: Somatechnical (Re)Visions

(Re)Figuring Sex: Somatechnical (Re)Visions

A conference organised by the Somatechnics Research Centre, Macquarie

20-21st November 2009
Sydney Australia

Recent theory has thoroughly critiqued traditional ways of imag(in)ing sex/gender and sexuality, challenging its tendency to render invisible those ways of being in the world which undermine such normative structures.  Such critiques have developed sophisticated ways of understanding embodiment and its representation, investigating perception/s, issues of visibility and visuality, and the effects on the lived experiences of those both within and without the norm: the effects of sexed imaginaries shape the experiences of the unusual and anomalous, and the everyday and conventional.

This conference, the 5th international Somatechnics Conference, takes as its central concern, then, the interplay between visuality and embodiment, and seeks papers engaged across a variety of areas extending from critical engagements with representations of sex and/or bodies, through to analyses of the shaping of perception/s as one facet of bodily being-in-the-world.

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Pay As You Go: Sex Worker Shorts at UnionDocs, October 24

Pay As You Go: Sex Worker Shorts

Saturday, Oct. 25 - 6pm & 8:30pm

Union Docs

322 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Suggested donation $7 per show, $10 double feature price.  Special free panel discussion at 7:30pm between the programs.

PROGRAM 1: 6:00 – 7.30 pm

You Must Know About Me by HOPS and WITNESS. Macedonia, 2009 (18 mins) DVD

“You Must Know About Me” features interviews with sex workers from Skopje, focusing on 3 main themes: Their family lives, the conditions they work under, especially the violence and discrimination they face from police officials as well as some clients, and lastly, the ramifications of a big raid that happened in November 2008. Several sex workers were arbitrarily arrested, held in detention overnight, forcibly tested for STDs and, to add insult to injury, unwillingly featured in national media that had been tipped off, and was waiting as they exited the clinic.

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Reeling Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: Chicago, Nov 5

Here comes the 28th edition of Reeling, the second-oldest lesbian and gay film festival in the world, and the premier cultural event for the city's LGBTQ community and film-appreciating audiences.

Presented by Showtime and Comcast, running November 5 - 15, Reeling will showcase over 150 innovative gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender films from countries as diverse as the Philippines, Sweden, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Reeling continues to demonstrate the expanding breadth of gay-themed work being produced today by showcasing films representing multi-cultural perspectives and in genres ranging from musical comedy to horror to serious drama to compelling documentaries to introspective experimental, and more.

Reeling will present 59 different screenings, including 33 narrative feature films, 10 programs of documentary features and featurettes, and 16 programs of shorts, as well as 7 after-parties and a panel discussion.  Festival screening venues include

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

(2828 N. Clark St.),

Film Row Cinema

(Columbia College, 1104 S. Wabash Ave.),

Music Box Theatre

(3733 N. Southport Ave.), and the Festival's home base at

Chicago Filmmakers

(5243 N. Clark St.).

The Festival will host dozens of visiting filmmakers, producers, and actors who will be available for Q&A at screenings and will attend festival events.

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Seminar on ‘Heteronormativity’ by Dr. Saskia Wieringa 20-Oct-2009

Crossposted from Sakhiyani Message Board

JPG SPH, BU has organized a public seminar on ‘Heteronormativity’ by Dr. Saskia Wieringa our distinguished guest speaker from Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam..

Date: October 20, 2009

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

NB: A short Bio of the guest speaker is pasted bellow for more details:

Prof. dr. Saskia Wieringa (PhD University of Amsterdam) has worked extensively on issues of gender planning, women’s empowerment, and women’s organizations.  She co-designed the African Gender and Development Index for the Economic Commission of Africa.

For the last ten years her major work interests have been on the issues of sexual empowerment, women’s same sex relations and HIV/AIDS.  She is the co-founder of the Kartini Network on Asian Women’s Studies.

Major recent publications are:

Sexual Politics in Indonesia (Palgrave/MacMillan, 2002),

Female Desires (Co-edited with Evelyn Blackwood), Columbia University Press 1999, which won the 1999 Ruth Benedict Award and

Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and Ancestral Wives (with Ruth Morgan) Jacana Publishers, 2005. 

She coordinates a comparative research project on women’s sexual empowerment between India and Indonesia, that is funded by the Ford Foundation and Hivos. She is also the Director of the IIAV, the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women’s Movement.

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QUE(E)RY - a radical/queer/arts convergence Oct. 10 / Chicago

oct. 10th - THIS SATURDAY
10:30 a.m. to midnight
ida noyes hall, 1212 e 59th st.

a FREE one-day convergence of artists, activists, students, kinksters, queers, and awesome kids to discuss, dress up, explore intersectionality, make art, share skills, and dance hard.

there will be FREE vegan-friendly lunch & dinner for participants!

Choose among 20 workshops led by students, faculty, kinksters, artists, and more. Some titles include:

Trans Inclusion within Gay/Lesbian/Feminist communities
Do Cylons Have Rights?
Criminal (In)Justice and the Prison System
Radical Collaboration: Photography, Political Resistance, and Genderplay
BDSM As Bio-Political Resistance
Erotica Writing

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SUBMIT TO CINEKINK! (NYC: February 16–21, 2010)

Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, CineKink NYC is seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. We’re looking to blur some boundaries and will be considering offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, with works ranging from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between.

Cutting across orientations, topics covered at CineKink have included — but are by no means limited to — BDSM, leather and fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, roleplay and gender bending, sex work and sex geekery. Basically, as long as it involves consenting adults, just about anything celebrating sex as a right of self expression is fair game. (Far be it from us to define “kink” — if you think your work might make sense in this context, please send it along!)

Scheduled for its seventh annual appearance February 16-21, 2010, the specially-curated CineKink NYC will also feature a short film competition, audience choice awards, an adult industry showcase, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off, with a national screening tour to follow.

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2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Release Party

Abiola Abrams

photo by JC, Stark-Arts

Friday, November 6, 2009 6:30 TO 9:30 PM




Celebrate the release of our Limited Edition 2010 Calendar

Meet your favorite sex bloggers and the hot photographers who shot them, get a free gift bag and maybe win an amazing raffle prize donated by on of our many sponsors and supporters.

Support Sex Work Awareness with a $20 calendar purchase.

Friday, November 6, 2009
6:30 – 9:30 PM

105 Eldridge Street
New York, NY

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Arse Elektronika 2009

Arse Elektronika 2009

October 1-4, 2009

San Francisco, CA

Of Intercourse and Intracourse: Sexuality, Genetics, Biotech, Wetware, Body mods.

Scottish SF author Iain Banks created a fictitious group-civilisation called "Culture" in his eponymous narrative.  The vast majority of humanoid people in the "Culture" are born with greatly altered glands housed within their central nervous systems, who secrete - on command - mood- and sensory-appreciation-altering compounds into the person's bloodstream.  Additionally many inhabitants have subtly altered reproductive organs - and control over the associated nerves - to enhance sexual pleasure.  Ovulation is at will in the female, and a fetus up to a certain stage may be re-absorbed, aborted, or held at a static point in its development; again, as willed. Also, a viral change from one sex into the other, is possible.  And there is a convention that each person should give birth to one child in their lives.  It may sound strange, but Banks states that a society in which it is so easy to change sex will rapidly find out if it is treating one gender better than the other.  Pressure for change within society would presumably build up until some form of sexual equality and hence numerical parity will be established.

Does this set-up sound too futuristic? Too utopian? Too bizarre?

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REGISTER NOW for the Western Regional Feminist Campus Leadership Conference!

Join us at the FMF's Western Regional Feminist Campus Leadership Conference November 6th & 7th at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California!

Feminists from campuses across the Western United States will converge to discuss women’s rights and equality issues, and to formulate a plan of action.

We’ll address feminist topics including exposing fake clinics, Afghan women’s rights, rape kit backlogs, femicide, anti-choice extremism, marriage equality, health care reform, immigration, global reproductive rights, birth control access and much more.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to network with dynamic speakers and student leaders and fight to improve the lives of women worldwide!


$15 for individuals
$12 per person for groups of 5 or more
* To register at the group rate, contact Allie at or Jacqueline at or call 1-866-471-3652.

After Oct. 21st, registration fees go up, so take advantage of these discount rates and REGISTER NOW!

RSVP to the Western Regional Feminist Campus Leadership Conference on facebook

For information about registration, the location, fundraising, and group hotel rates, check out the conference website or contact Campus Organizers, Allie and Jacqueline at, or 1-866-471-3652.

The time is now to unite with feminists from across the western states and organize to create real change for women worldwide! We hope you can make it!

For Equality,

Allie, Jacqueline and duVergne
West Coast Campus Team

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EVENT: Darklady's Forbidden Fantasies Erotic Open Mic Night

Celebrate the mind, body, and spirit erotic during Darklady’s “Forbidden Fantasies” Erotic Open Mic Night at Rumpspankers. Sign up now to guarantee a place in the line-up or add your name upon arrival.

The kitchen and bar will be open for business and the night is clothing optional, so feel free to strut your stuff, be it bare skin or daring lingerie.

Performers so far: Darklady, Serious Black, Scott Huber, Sahara Dunes, GL Morrison...

Monday, September 28
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
$5 Entry
Ages 21 +
RSVP Strongly Preferred

700 NE Dekum
Portland, Oregon

Bring a pet or human care donation for Esther’s Pantry to earn raffle tickets for valuable prizes from Taboo Video and Big Teaze Toys. Buy more tickets to earn more chances!

Saturday, October 17: “Super Spooky” Dinner & Porn Social Night

Monday, October 26:  “Haunted” Naughty Karaoke

Saturday, November 7: Darklady’s “Voodoo Tiki Lounge” Polyween Party

-- Darklady

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