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Laura Agustín on Sex Work Facts v. Fiction

Laura Agustín, author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry is seen here discussing sex work in reality and the impact of misconceptions and misinformation on sex workers.  She discusses migrant sex workers, trafficking and the conflicts caused by both.

Laura Agustín writes as a lifelong migrant and sometime worker in both nongovernmental and academic projects about sex, travel and work.  You can contact her here.

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"Sex at Dawn" and the future of the polyamory movement

"Sex At Dawn is the single most important book about human sexuality since Alfred Kinsey unleashed Sexual Behavior in the Human Male on the American public in 1948."

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On Sam Schulman and "The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage"

This is a response to Sam Schulman's "The Worst Thing

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Everyone's a doctor--er, anthropologist

I feel called to congratulate 52% of the state of California on their admirable accomplishment; they have succeeded, in jus

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