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Storm Clouds Gather

One of my main arguments over the past few years has been that the pink community should involve itself in government, politics, religion etc so that those who act against our equality and human rights cannot make a move without it getting past us first. Few groups could embody or give form to my fears for South Africa than the ubiquitous ACDP.

Another strange (yet unrelated) thing I have noticed is the number of representatives of certain bigot religious groups who seem to want to "meet me for coffee" lately. I suppose they have figured out that threatening letters and hate mail don't work on me. Nevertheless, public spaces are always, always a must - and so is being among people - and letting others know who I will be meeting, and where I will be meeting them. Be that as it may, back to the ACDC - I mean, P.

On September 21, Cheryllyn Dudley, on behalf of the ACDP applauded Lithuania "for courage in passing child-protection law condemned by European Parliament" in a press release.

By its own admission, the ACDP views "Lithuania’s new law on the protection of minors which prohibits promotion of homosexual, bisexual or polygamous relations among children under 18" as "protecting families and children".

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Beyond The Irony

Is God male?

Does God really belong to a single gender?

Men (the patriarchy) like to claim God as their own and also use “Him” as a tool to demand obedience and submission to them. If God has a sex, should it matter to his followers what that sex is?  It’s a bit odd though that some people find the act of wondering if God is a “She” or even if God is without gender, or representing all genders, insulting and blasphemous.

Insulting and blasphemous? Insulting? What does this say about the male perception of women? Perhaps this is more revealing about the insecurity of God’s followers than the nature of God itself?

Consider the following: Why would God need to have a gender? Is there another God out there? A Mrs or Ms God? Religious doctrine, particularly Christian, Jewish and Islamic scriptures and tradition tell us this is not so. They claim there is only one God – whose gender they are very specific about. Okay, so why is this God a “he“? What need does a singular all-powerful entity need of gender or genitalia? Is God a “he” in the same way that men refer to ships and cars as “she” (or “he” in Spanish)? Or is God a ”he” simply because the patriarchy identifies with God and because it says so?


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Cameronian Pscience Abounds

Yesterday I found a Facebook group addressing the matter of a pending legal motion to change the legal age of consent for the youth in South Africa. The group creator doesn't stop at just attacking the suggested move to lower the age of consent for heterosexual children, but differentiates between heterosexual and gay children and then launches into insulting references to fictional anti-gay pseudo-science and propaganda aimed at gay people. In fact it seems to me this person and her group are obsessed entirely with gay male sex - as only a small portion of the lengthy rant on its information section concerns heterosexual children.

Aside from her online diatribe trying to drum up opposition to this supposed new law, I can find no official reference to any such motion currently in SA Parliament. If this is so, then why the group? Is it an excuse to just drum up more anti-gay hatred? I honestly cannot see any other motive.

In the past months I have had debates with bigots claiming that gay people are generally pedophiles and that the motive for lowering the legal age of consent is "to get at our children". Nor only is this the most hateful and paranoid load of tripe I have heard in quite some time, but it is so far from wrong it is beyond a joke.

Bigotry is everywhere - and what follows closely in its wake is the sickening use of untruths, half-truths, "junk-science" and propaganda to try and demonstrate an obviously religious fundamentalist and conservative argument against homosexuality - and the insinuation that gay people are somehow any less capable of deciding for themselves at the same age as heterosexual people.

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A Change Of Heart

Christianity - the lifestyle choice that elevates one to a position from where you can look down on everyone else, and point out their mistakes - and everyone who disagrees is automatically "evil", "anti-God" and a "heretic", a "deviant" - or a threat to "the family", and somehow less of a human being for it.

This is how a friend of mine put it: "Very true - even of "good" Christians who claim to hate the sin but love the "sinner". "No, you're not evil, but your acts are evil." Evil. Good. Evil. Good. When will people just be able to accept reality as it truly is?"

When people stop fearing the dark as some representation of evil and see it as a shadow, an absence of light, and also a consequence of it.

Religion again! Yes, yes - I know... Many gay and trans people don't want to hear about God because they have been rejected by family or friends - or work or churches in the name of that God because of who they are. Others have tried to change them through religion and so they are skeptical whenever they hear people speak of God. They think God hates them and they wonder why they feel - they know - they were born like this - made so by God only to seemingly be cursed by him.

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Indecent Exposure

 It is quite cute how some people can glory in being ignorant. Have you ever noticed how they seize upon junk-science they find on the Internet, put there by their equally ignorant compatriots - and claim "I win!" when it is as fake as their faith and their claim to worship and follow a loving God who is supposed to have created - and to therefore love - all of us?

They delight in pointing out the multitude of fake studies and falsified research put out there by conservative propaganda factories such as the "Family Research Council" and its founder, disgraced psychologist "Dr" Paul Cameron - which make rather extraordinary claims such as HIV/AIDS is a "gay disease", gay people live shorter lives, gay men ingest a large amount of feces, gay people are mentally ill and that homosexuality is a curable "disease". Not only are they ignorant enough to actually believe this rubbish, but they delight in spreading it and using it to "prove" that gay people are somehow inferior and perverted and deserving or persecution - which they of course, are only too happy to indulge in also.

But take a dose of fact to counter the fallacy, dispel the nonsense and junk-science, sweep up all the bullshit and they are left with nothing, except perhaps with the egg on their faces. In the end there is not one tiny shred of factual evidence - no scientific or medical reason to take any stand against sexual or gender diversity. No, not even one. And so they are left with religious doctrine and dogma, which is not based on science or fact, and can be twisted to show anything the wielder chooses without any substantiation or corroborating evidence or burden of proof - which it seems, tends to suit them best.

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Does Equality Of One = Oppression Of Another?

Groups such as Focus on the Family are not "family" organizations. They certainly claim to be, and they would dispute my statement beyond a doubt, but their claim can be proved false simply by analyzing their approach to family life. Are they intent on preserving family life as it is - or are they intent on enforcing an ideal which happens to suit their personal religious "world view"? Were their claim true, would they not be nurturing the families that happen to exist out there, supporting them, instead of cracking down on family types they happen to dislike, refuse to recognize as families, and drive wedges between family members?

"Family" bodies would be concerned with the welfare of families, not the perpetuation of lie, fallacies and half-truths and the indoctrination of society, the forcing of an opinion or religious doctrine upon them - or the social engineering of an unrealistic, unfair and patriarchal "ideal" while ignoring completely the well-being of existing families, or the recognition of the diverse forms of modern family.

While their propaganda and names may indicate otherwise, they clearly are not concerned with the well being of families - they are intent on remodeling family life on their own principles - and yes, they really do focus on YOUR family - whether you like it or not.

The truth is that they are RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST and PURIST organizations which happen to FOCUS on family structure - and the indoctrination and engineering thereof according to their own views. Their aim is to CONTROL society by using family life as a "basic building block" of the structure of their control, in the very same way that every fascist movement in recorded history has done. If they were in any way truly concerned about families - they would concern themselves with REAL families out there - yes, the fallacial "ideal family" with a mommy, a daddy, two point five kids and one and a half dogs - but also the ones with gay or trans husbands, daughters and cousins. The families who have same gender parents and are founded on love. What else do you need to build a family on?

"All you need is love" - John Lennon. I think in some ways that man was a lot smarter than we give him credit for.

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Interesting Times

What an insane little world we live in. Just this past week a few things have popped up in the media that make me think the world is losing touch with reality. Indonesia has passed harsh laws - apparently adulterers can be stoned to death, and gay people face stiff jail sentences. Hmm. I'm surprised those "humanitarians" didn't get it the other way around.

An Indian athlete, also female - who failed a gender test for similar reasons in 2006 and was stripped of her medals. The test results were also splashed across world headlines in a pre-release "leak". Her athletics career ended and she was forced back into a life of poverty. She descended into depression as a result of the embarrassment and attempted suicide. It has taken her until today to try to piece together her life and broken dreams. In a press statement, she made an appeal that Caster Semenya not receive similar unfair treatment, that she be treated with honor and respect. And yet there are many who still maintain she had an "unfair advantage" by "not being female". Such statements are clearly fuelled by both Patriarchy and ignorance.

In the local press, Caster Semenya's gender test results were most insensitively leaked to the media and splashed all over the world's papers. How very decent of them, rubbing the poor girl's nose in the news that she failed and giving intimate personal details about the inside of her body so that no member of the public could be left in any doubt that there are doubts about her being female. Who cares that she is only 18 years old, faces the end of a hitherto fantastic future in athletics, has no other prospects as she hasn't even finished high school yet, and may even retreat into depression or turn suicidal because of this? No, getting that headline first is far more important. And isn't it a "moral duty" to report the news - whether it is true or accurate, or not - to a public hungry for something to gossip about for a few days?

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How To "Mng" Hate Mail

Some of the bigots who make the effort to send me hate mail are really irate before they do so, and the more pissed off they get, usually the less sense they make. I have previously mentioned that I tend to file my hate mail. Far from being masochistic, I do this with good reason. You see, the more I know those folks hate me, the more I know I am doing the right thing. Apart from that, it is quite entertaining and motivational to occasionally take it all out and read it in the company of my girlfriend over a glass or two of good wine. Sometimes it is amusing to note the colorfulness of the content, or the rhyme, or even the imagery. The sense of outrage, injustice and paranoia on the part of the writer is often striking and ironic, and if anything the saddest and most surreal part of the whole business. Honestly, though my girlfriend isn't that amused by the things said in there about me, I find it rather amusing. I say it is motivating, because it helps inspire me to work towards a world free of hatred. I also have to admit I keep the compliments I receive too - and it's comforting that there is more than twice as much of that than there is hate mail.

A few days ago, in a topic I called "Suffering In The Darkness Of Ignorance", I told about one of my recent additions to my hate mail collection. As a matter of interest, I replied to this person and it turned into something of an exchange. Yesterday morning I found yet another reply, if you have read the previous article, then you will see from where it picks up. If not, then let me provide a brief explanation.

"Fear God and desist from sodomy and lesbianism Otherwise you shall burn in hell forever" said Mngr's first letter - I presume "Mngr" stands for "Manager". And the email address had something to do with lathe sales. The argument he or she proceeded to present indicated to me that this person is clearly a fundamentalist and hence a couple of ants short of a picnic. I think by looking at this material, you might learn something about the fundamentalist gay-hating mindset. It is harsh, inhumane, critical, vindictive and also utterly narrow and completely paranoid. I might add to that list, nasty, ignorant - and even gratuitously ignorant - to the point where logic and reason do not apply, but are rejected in favor of a fixed and inflexible delusion that what they believe is the only truth and that anything which contradicts it, must be either a lie or a deception. Gay people have an "agenda" - we are the Devil, and we are trying to trick them *wink*.

I will pick up the conversation from where it left off:

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Doing The "Told You So" Two-Step

There are people out there, who while being born with the same needs and feelings as everybody else, are not treated the same as everyone else. These are people who always have to fight bigotry and prejudice in order to get ahead and compete with other people on the world stage - just to have the same standing in life as others. There are people out there who want to do what everybody else out there takes for granted - they would like to marry the people they love.

While there are those who are quite happy to take their wedding vows in the dilapidated facilities at the local Home Affairs department, whose tiny wedding chapel (at least in my home town) has only one entrance - which is in the crowded and noisy foyer filled with bored and frustrated people standing in long queues all day (but I have to admit I am not one of them). A wedding is an occasion of personal significance and import, deserving of at least some dignity and respectability. Churches generally ask fees and monies for services rendered, there is no getting away from that - but it seems that no matter how much money you may have available to spend on your wedding - at some churches, if you are gay and want to get married, your money isn't good enough - and it seems, neither are you.

This often causes me to wonder how "Christian", or should I say "Christ-like" some churches really are?

This being the case, in the modern world it is the state which allows all marriage, including same gender marriage - as a civil matter. A religious ceremony is therefore an afterthought which is tagged on to the process afterwards. This in effect defines marriage as a secular affair, regardless of whether the happy couple is religious or not, which religions they subscribe to, or their sexual orientation. Do we not all have to first obtain a marriage license before getting to the church on time?

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Flexible Morality

Ever notice how often human rights come under the attack of groups like Christian Action Network and Family Policy Institute lately? They have a unique name for human rights, these fundamentalist radicals - they call it "secular humanism" and they call it a religion - just as they claim that atheism is also a religion - although how an absence of apples still counts as apples is unclear to me. By their contributions to the storehouse of radical fundamentalist literary material, you will see they are certainly not overly fond of the concept.

Yesterday I ran across a letter by Taryn Hodgson, main spokesperson for Africa Christian Action (aka Christian Action Network and a dozen other names) attacking the move to legalize prostitution in South Africa. She was taking it on the angle of "protecting women" in SA - because women need "protecting" in SA, don't you know. I am pretty sure some women do need protecting, and having read her letter, I am quite convinced that she is one of them. This same person, and this same group are also very vociferous about their hatred for homosexuals, transsexuals and other sinful deviants, like myself of course.

All right, auntie Taryn. 

It is ironic that you are so concerned with "protecting women" - but tell me, I am interested to know - who would protect fellow citizens of this country, including women - who are neither Christian, nor heterosexual - from you and your conservative and clearly fundamentalist group?

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