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Resistance Is Futile

Thinking about all the gay-hating homophobic groups infesting our fair country today, and masquerading as religious institutions - I counted the big boys. Right at the top of the list of loonies, there's the "Christian Action Network" (CAN), a vocal umbrella body which has fallen remarkably silent of late - while it seems other newer associated groups which haven't been around long enough to lose their veneer of respectability yet, have taken their repugnant agenda into the halls of government.

Rhema Church and its NILC body seem by their level of involvement in the ANC and Parliament to be virtually employed by the ruling party to achieve their aim of policing the morality of South Africans. Who can forget their apt and fitting moniker, "Zuma's God Squad"? Yes, I can picture them driving black squad-cars and paddy-wagons around town, riding over pedestrians and arriving in the nick of time to block a child-endangering Pride march or to haul same sex couples off to jail for threatening "the family" with public displays of affection.

Aside from the derogatory comments and snide remarks from other groups in this country with vested interests in actual politics (such as the ACDP, CDA, PACYL and other comics), these are the biggest religious fundamentalist bodies muscling in on political matters surrounding civil rights of an entire sector of South African society.
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Religion - The Guilt-Edged Sword

When we think of human relationships, the relationships between people, whether friendships or romances, we often come to a point where there is a parting of ways - a place where friendships stop being rewarding, when a love relationship ceases to be a love relationship and just devolves into something less. Just like a marriage where the love has exited stage left, all things end - and attempting to keep them alive artificially serves no purpose other than to drag things out to the very bitter, painful end.

Guilt shouldn't bind you to a person or trap you in a failed relationship. If it isn't love that keeps you there, but guilt - then you're both better off with someone else - or alone, because otherwise you will be doing yourself (and each other) more harm than good.

In many ways, the same thing can be said about religion.
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Of Proof And Puddings

The evidence against South Africa's own government continues to mount. Remember how it started in December 2008 when the SA government refused to sign the UN Declaration to Decriminalize Homosexuality? Well, obviously it didn't end there.

SOUTH AFRICA FAILS LGBT PEOPLE AT UN - "In February 2009, South Africa acted as spokesperson for African nations demanding the removal of references to sexual orientation from the draft declaration of the second UN World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance." How much more proof do you need that SA's government has an anti GLBTI, anti human rights agenda?

The above article described this as "failing the GLBTI people". In my opinion this is not "failing LGBT people" - it is an outright BETRAYAL!

Not only is this all blatantly conservative behavior (which is not technically criminal by itself), but it is patently unconstitutional. The government of South Africa is supposed to cherish and honor the Constitution, and promote and defend its values at home and abroad - and instead, the way it has been acting over the past decade - it has in fact done the complete opposite. In acting against the interests of its GLBTI people and the Pink Community abroad, and in undermining the principles of dignity and equality for all as enshrined in the Constitution - it has itself acted in violation of the South African Constitution and potentially committed acts which can be interpreted as human rights violations and abuses.

These past incidents have now been compounded by the following:

"On Tuesday, the South African representative to the UNHRC, Jerry Matjila, told the council that placing homophobia on a similar level to racism “demeans the legitimate plight of the victims of racism"."
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Out Of Focus

Has anybody taken note of what's happening in our neighbor Zim-BOB-we lately? Not only did they refuse to include the human rights of their pink community in the negotiations for their country's new constitution - but they are now saying they will build criminalization and punishments for homosexuality into it as well.

Of course it will be very interesting to see how South Africa's govenrnment handles this, after the World Cup fuss dies down of course - and after the world's attention isn't on us anymore. Yes, then it may just be back to business as usual - ignoring, and in increasing cases, stepping on the human rights of the Pink Community - here, as well as in Zim and everywhere else in Africa.

Even Morgan Tsvangerai agrees with this utter disregard for the humanity of its pink citizens. My point is, that if neither the ruling party, nor its only opposition in that country demonstrate any concern for the human rights of its citizens, then Zimbabwe is in a very, very poor condition indeed.
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The Smell Of Fear

The forces who today oppose the struggle for recognition, equality and human rights of others think of themselves as strong. They stand today at the top of the pile, glorying in the lie that all people already are equal and have equal rights. They claim that those whose fingers they have spent countless years treading upon, are not fighting for equal rights, but "special rights" that will somehow elevate us above them. They look down on years of suffering, persecution and abuse - and somehow still lack the conscience and humanity to acknowledge the sorrow, unfairness and inhumanity they have forced upon their own peers and relatives for so long - for the injustice it is.

Those who denounce the struggle of achieving equality as some kind of insidious "agenda", clearly think of themselves as an overwhelming majority, a strong and powerful force. In their minds, they are supported by God, by their concept of morality and puritanical beliefs. They believe that because we are a minority in this world, that we are push-overs, weak and compliant.

They're quite wrong. Being strong doesn't mean not being vulnerable to pain and suffering. Being strong doesn't mean not getting hurt - it means surviving pain, strife and overcoming difficulties and facing the hardships that life throws at us.
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State Of Grace

Isn't it sad and funny how the worst in some people tends to bring out the best in others? Or is that the other way round? You know these people, trying to live the good life, walk the straight and narrow. The people who take it a step further, going beyond minding their own business, and starting to mind the business of others. The manic street preachers and interfering busy-bodies who think they are doing "God's work" and that the end justifies the means, no matter how messy the means.

Do we really need to listen to people telling us about how great they think their god is? I am fine with what I believe - I don't need some twat standing on a street corner with a bible in one hand and a bull-horn in the other, telling me what to believe. Who are they trying to convince? Us? Or themselves?

What other people believe doesn't really other me, except where their beliefs are acted out in such a way as to affect my safety, my rights, and my future, with the potential to ruin my life.

What other people believe shouldn't (be allowed to) hurt me.

Don't mistake my commentary here for religious intolerance, but please consider when last you have seen or heard a group of Buddhists pointing fingers and yelling on a street corner about how great their lifestyle is - and how bad everyone else is? Really, how often do you hear a Buddhist or a Wiccan bragging to all and sundry about their religion and its greatness? Count how many times anyone will get picked on for wearing an ankh or a pentagram around their necks and I'll lay odds at ten to one that the people doing the picking will be "Christians".
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Leave No-one Behind

We often refer to our diverse community of sexual minorities as "GLBT", including main groupings such as Gay, Lesbian (also gay), Bisexual and Transgender. Sometimes, when we feel generous we add on the I for Intersex. Perhaps when we run into groups that confuse us, or defy classification into the other main groups, we tack on the "Q" for Queer or Questioning - although I have to wonder who it is that is doing the actual questioning? Us? Or the folks on the outside of the community? I often wonder Why is it that we as a community are struggling so much with our own diversity?

A little while ago I saw the following:

LGBTTIQQ2SA That's right, Someone was using this unwieldy acronym to refer to the broader "Gay" community. In case you need a translation (as I did), "LGBTTIQQ2SA" refers to "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited and Allies."

Hahaha. Wow.
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Sorry, I'm Hatred-Intolerant

Why do some men feel that being gay is somehow an affront to their masculinity? What are they so afraid of?

Their own sexuality and of falling out of the closet? That, or are they afraid gay men have bigger dicks? I know some women who have bigger balls. Oh wait, I am one.

Let a girl just choose a girl over a man, and they feel they are "less of a man" for it and get all defensive, as if it has anything at all to do with them. That's right - they seem to think that a woman's taste in men (or women) actually affects them! Geez! Talk about insecurities, issues and mental problems! ... or is that ego? Nah, try arrogance.

Take for example the turd that beat up the three lesbians in the bar in Jeffreysbay last weekend. That's right, a turd. Why? Because he saw three girls there and approached them, and when they politely told him after his badgering, that they weren't interested in his advances because they were gay, he took it personally tried to force himself on one of them. Then he decided to beat up on them for daring to reject him.
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Accepting Diversity

I find people amazing, fascinating. Don't you think it is incredible how there are so many of us, and yet each of us is still unique as an individual? Variety is the spice of life, or so the old saying goes. We are all basically the same biological organisms, but each of us is still different and unique enough to look distinctive, and have our own lifetime of experiences that make us into unique individuals, each with our own identities.

It is this fact that makes Human society so wonderfully diverse. And yet sometimes we get tired of people who disagree with us, or with what we feel is the "right" or "only" way to do things, sometimes this diversity frustrates us. But place us in an environment where everybody looks, sounds and lives the same way - and we soon find ourselves longing for a touch of individuality.

Just imagine how dull and boring life would be if everywhere we went, we saw and interacted with people who look, sound and live exactly the same way we do? Imagine if we all spoke the same language, or enjoyed only the same foods and the same drinks? Yes, shopping would be so much fun - Wimpy would only sell strawberry flavored milkshakes, we would all drive one brand of car, and watch only one genre of TV show.

What can you say about that? That it's human nature to never be satisfied? When it's summer, we long for winter. When it's cold, we fetch the heater and long for the beach. When there's beef for dinner, we want chicken. When people are late, we complain they delay us. When people are early, we complain because they make us seem late.

Change is a constant, some people say - but one thing about human nature is a constant which constantly varies. Human nature IS diversity. Diversity IS human nature.

We should make peace with that, and with ourselves - and each other.

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I recently learned of the South African government’s pandering to religious fundamentalist groups, and began warning of this threat to civil rights and freedoms as protected by the Constitution. Just this week, I saw a news article announcing further confirmation of this collusion between the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs in particular, and the religious right wing - in the form of the "Justice Alliance of South Africa" (JASA).

It reminds me of the old National-Party government and the old Apartheid regime, for people to work to introduce censorship - particularly censorship based on the shaky ground of religious objection - into a modern constitutional secular democracy. In fact, to me it bears the same stink of the totalitarianism of Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union - and in places like Zimbabwe, where it is illegal to even criticize the president.

The Justice Alliance of SA is a small fringe group of religious fundamentalists masquerading as a bona fide legal interest group - but with clear ulterior motives to further a conservative and theocratic agenda which will deprive the broader public of freedoms and liberties they now take for granted. 

By hiding behind the all too convenient pretext of “protecting children” - a motive which is just too cute and naïve’ (not to mention too good to be true), but which is also patently deceitful, and is by now a “signature” modus operandi of such groups who push an anti-liberal agenda around the world - they do this by detracting from the real issues we face. In fact, this is nothing more than manipulating the facts to persuade the public to think that things will be better for them if they leave the knotty problems of state to good, moral, Christian leaders - and that all the problems faced by them will go away if they start tightening the screws on people's "morality". Yes, I can see how that will solve everything.
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