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A new perfume based on the scent of a woman's vagina

Oh. My. God.  I have got to get a whiff of this.  Some company in Germany has designed a perfume that smells like pussy.  Apparently, they spent a lot of time on figuring it out and it smells like just the right mix of urine, sweat and vaginal secretions. 

I don't know how they make it, but I am having flashes of collection tubes inserted into comatose women without their permission and kickbacks to hospitals & nursing homes.  

I'm curious about the target market.  Is this for real women trying to attract men or is it for men that want take their fleshlight masturbating experience to the next level?

On top of that, they created this ad which combines all sorts of images and fetishes. 

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In Praise of Bi Men

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Asexuality: If I liked you, what would I do?

My discovery of asexuality begins with irony. I had a really huge crush on a friend of mine- all of my friends knew I liked him, and were totally perplexed when I spent an entire year not doing anything about it. Finally, just before he moved away, I got the courage to tell him- but then he asked a question I’ll never forget: “If I liked you, what would you do?” (theimpossiblek) AVEN

Life sure is interesting.  It turns out that people with no sexual desire at all are fighting many of the same battles as people who wish to be respected for participating in BDSM, or Fur fandom: they want to be respected for whom they define themselves as. 

The first thing I thought is: how can I attract people to write about asexual living?  Simple answer: beg and plead!

I am looking for anyone willing to share your experience of asexuality at this site, as an access to greater understanding and respect.  Please, register and share with us all, so that we may know you in your own words. 

In the meantime, while you are doing that, the rest of us will watch this nifty video from Montel Williams, on asexuality:


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Fat Enough to Belong?

Dimensions Magazine is really turning into a great place to find personal and engaging talk on how large individuals identify themselves to society and are identified by society.  The site provides a clear demonstration of how we all seek to be known for who we are, in our own words.  This desire (often times a struggle) varies only by subject matter.  Whether it is weight, BDSM, gender, age, disability or any other conversation about who we are in the world, we all have a unique self that we know ourselves to be.  We all look for a way for others to see that and to accept us as we define ourselves.







by Sally E. Smith

The choice of models featured in the last issue of Dimensions brought up an old question: who is fat enough to belong to the size acceptance movement? The answer should be obvious, but apparently, to many people it is not.

The differences between the two models featured in the last issue of Dimensions (175 pound Catherine and super-size Cathy) were obvious--or were they? While it's true that one model outweighed the other by 300 pounds, the experiences of both women were similar on many levels. The inclusion of a 175-pound model in the pages of Dimensions generated reader comments that range from indignation that featuring a "skinny" model, to admissions that many FAs also find "smaller" large woman attractive, to kudos for embracing size diversity.

This spectrum of reactions mirrors issues that have plagued the size acceptance movement for many years, such as sizism within the movement, the prioritization of the movement' s work, and even how groups and organizations define themselves.

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How Many Bis are Poly? How Many Polys are Bi?

My Hunt for Bi-Poly Statistics

By Alan M.

Compared to other alternative sexualities, polyamory is only starting to get much scientific and academic attention. (Polyamory means having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and free consent of everyone involved.)

Many polys are completely hetero. On the other hand, in the poly community you'll find more bisexuals, and more bi-friendliness, than anywhere else I know. This is despite the fact that in most poly partnership groups, only some of the interrelationships are sexual. The others can be anything from brotherly or sisterly life companionships, to housemate friendships, to cordial acquaintance between people who meet each other rarely if at all. Though often the links do involve full sexual triangles ("equilateral triads") and larger geometries.

You might imagine that in a three-in-a-bed situation, at least two people have to be bisexual. Not so. It's common for two men, or two women, to share cuddles and sex with a beloved third, and warmth and touch between themselves, without having an interest in each others' genitals. It can be quite a revelation that intimate loving companionship does not have to lead to orgasm or require a particular sexual orientation. (Hey, ask the early Christians.)

Nevertheless, bisexuality is abundant in the poly world and does help provide ties that bind.

How abundant? Guesses abound, but I've managed to round up some data.

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