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Unorthodox Transgender Love

One of my online friends, Sahar, has sent me a very interesting email about the relationship between a male to female and a female to male transgender crossdreamer.

A crossdreamer is understood as a person who get aroused by the idea of being the other sex.

Some researchers, like Ray Blanchard, believes this is caused by some kind of "erotic target location error" ("autogynephilia").

Others, like transactivist Julia Serano and myself, understands it as one of many ways of expressing an inner, repressed, counter-sexual self ("an inner woman or inner man").

Meet the girlfag

Sahar is a male to female transgender crossdreamer who has joined up with a girlfag.

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The invisible female to male crossdressers and crossdreamers

The myth of the non-existent female to male crossdreamer or crossdresser is crumbling. It turns out that women can be gender confused as well, without being homosexual or even transsexual.

Gender stereotypes have it that only men can be perverts. For some peculiar reason men are the ones who most wholeheartedly promote this standpoint. Many male to female crossdressers, for instance, seem resigned to "the fact" that they are nothing but "fetishist" and that the women they worship never are. They believe it is their male testosterone driven urges that drives them to them dressing up as women. They have no "inner woman".
Many sexologists and most evolutionary psychologists seem to agree. Ray Blanchard, who has looked at men who get turned on by imagining themselves as women, consider these woman-loving "autogynephiliacs" a completely different category from the "homosexual transsexuals" (i.e. M2F man-loving transwomen).
The "autogynephiliacs"  (who I call crossdreamers)  are suffering from a male typcal paraphilia, according to Blanchard, and a can in no way be considered feminine. As for female to male transsexuals, they are all "homosexuals". There are no female to male "paraphiliacs".
I must say that I have found this very strange. Why should the variety of nature bring us male to female  "autogynephiliacs" and crossdressers,  but no female to male "autoandrophiliacs"?
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