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"It's Okay To Say "Gay = Stupid" - BCCSA


This is yet another case in point of human rights and equality laws not being adhered to and misinterpreted according to personal bias - and made to fail those whom they were intended to protect:

"The BCCSA refused to uphold the complaint, saying that "the word gay was not used to refer to homosexuality, but according to widespread current usage of the word amongst young people, to a carefree attitude and unjustifiable statements."

It added that it was of the opinion that "although the word 'gay' was used (and even if it carried a negative connotation), there was nothing that could be described as the advocacy of hatred or incitement to cause harm to homosexuals in the programme."

The BCCSA further stated that "the broadcast was not intended to injure, that it was not malicious or mala fide" and that "the right to freedom of expression includes the right to offend within reasonable limits.""

A term which is used to describe homosexuality - "gay", which has been used as such since the 1960's - almost forty years - and which is described and defined clearly in the Oxford dictionary - is suddenly "not used to refer to homosexuality".

Below is a pretty clear definition of the word "gay"
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