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Hello everyone.

I have been reading sexgenderbody for quite a while and I just wanted to make my first post on SGB.

My name is Kyle Brooks and I'm Deaf and I'm not ambulatory.

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What to do when the signs point North?

Once straight and married and playing housewife and mom. 

Then bi and married and playing wife in the same house. 

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[Bi Women]: Call For Submission - Spring 2010 issue will be BI YOUTH

ATTENTION Bisexual/Pansexual + Queer-identified Youth: Robyn Ochs says "I am writing to invite you to write for the next issue of Bi Women":

The theme for the spring 2010 issue of Bi Women will be "BI YOUTH".

"If you are a young bi person, 25 or under, tell us your story. What is it like to be you? How did you come to identify as bisexual?  Or, if you have a non-binary identity but use a different word than bisexual to describe yourself — tell us what, and why."

"Where did you learn about bisexuality?  Is/was there a Gay/Straight Alliance in your high school?  Are your friends accepting of your bisexuality?  What about your family?  Do you have any bi role models?  Where do you get support?  What advice would you give to other young people who think they might be bi?"

Deadline: February 5, 2010 -- Let them know right away if you're planning on writing.

Send your submissions to

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I'm sure the title of this article has some of you scratching your heads.  It's a newer term and one that I feel fits me best.  The first time I heard the term I felt like doing cartwheels, I'd finally found MY term.  Before finding the term heteroflexible I would say I'm selectively bisexual and then would have to launch into a huge explanation about my "type" of woman and why that specific type turned me on.  My type of woman is butch, dominant, and scrappy.


I suppose it all stems from my first girlfriend "T".  She was butch, thin, and muscular.  She had an intensity about her that just took my breath away every time I was near her.  I met "T" in high school and fell instantly in lust.  Her personality and charm just swept me off my feet and I let myself get carried away.  Sex with her was amazing and we had an on and off association through our teenaged years until we finally just lost touch and I focused on my relationship with Alan.

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