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Kink bloggers open thread: how do you feel about BDSM blogging?

A while back I wrote a post called Where Are All The Male Dominant Bloggers?, because I didn’t feel like there are very many male dominant bloggers out there. I recently discovered that before my post, Thomas over at Yes Means Yes wrote one called Where Are The Women Tops? Where Are The Men Bottoms? Which just goes to show.

So you know what I think we need? A Kink Bloggers Open Thread! If you know about an awesome BDSM blogger, post ‘em. If you yourself are a BDSM blogger, post about that. Any gender, sex, orientation, whatever is welcome. If you feel like adding any special details, you can talk about what you like best about the blog(s) you’re posting.

Also, I would love to have some cross-talk on the following Exciting Questions!

1) Do you have any frustrations about kink blogging?
1a) Are there any topics you’re nervous about or afraid of posting about? Why?

2) Do you think you have weaknesses as a kink blogger?

3) Hey, what do you actually like about being a kink blogger?

4) Do you blog under your real name? How many people who know you in the mainstream world know about your blog?

5) Got any questions you want to ask other kink bloggers?

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In Defense of Anonymity

Betty Dodson has long been one of my sex-positive-feminist heroines.  But then, because I do highly regard her opinions, her blog post yesterday entitled Going Public with Our Sexual Activity stung me.  The post begins:

I'd like to get rid of all the "anon" sign-offs and cyber avatars. What is everyone afraid of? Why can't we all celebrate who we are sexually? What are the concerns people have about claiming their sex-lives under their own name? As long as we continue to hide who we are sexually, we will continue to be manipulated by our repressed conservative society that really hates, or I should say "fears" sex.

The moralists proudly shout their opinions from the roof tops while far too many in the sexual community sneak around under aliases...

And she has an excellent point.  But then, my real name isn't Annabelle, and I won't be publishing it here, even if Betty Dodson does judge me for it.

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I haven't posted in some time.

There have been plenty of stories I could write about; adultery and infidelity, misogyny in sports, the breast cancer debacle, Greg Oden.  For some reason, I can't find the words to directly convey how these things have made me feel.  Of late, I have been especially sensitive to stories about rape, domestic violence and adultery.  I have no idea why.  I have used this blog as an outlet of sorts, to share information and to vent frustration and anxiety.  But mostly as a means to share information and to further the goals of feminism.

So I ask again:  What is feminism?  Why am I a feminist?

I hardly know anymore.  I used to think feminism is about equal rights; about learning and language, combating misogyny in the media, debunking gender stereotypes, equal pay for equal work; campaigning, protesting, organizing for the right to chose when, where, if and how to have children.  All of this seems so trivial.  The deliberate misuse by the media of simple terms such as gender, sex and sexism; powerful men with a national voice hold hostage the very rights women such as myself have been fighting for.  Misleading information about socially acceptable issues such as breast cancer.  The massive scale back of women's choice in federal legislation under a president and congress that promised they would work for gender equality.

Huge setbacks- sorrowful regression. It is as if all the work feminists, gender rights activists, our mother's, grandmother’s and great grandmother's have done, has all been for naught.

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Weblog Awards Nominations!!

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Here is a chance to share your love for our site and this community.  Please vote for for the following 2009 Weblog Awards:

This is the nomination phase, which lasts until November 20, 2009.  Finalists will be selected and announced in December for final voting.  You can leave comments or simply press the little green plus below our name.

Look around all the categories and you will also see some other great blogs in there.  EvilSlutopia (who write fantastically here at SGB, for example) and many other great blogs are also nominated.  Be sure to vote for them as well.

Thank you for voting!

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UK / EU Sex Work Blog Seeks Writers

From Caroline:


I am in the midst of setting up a group blog for sex workers and allies about, as the title of this post suggests, sex work and sexuality.

I'd like for it to be concerned mainly with the UK and Europe, though I do want to include US bloggers and issues.

I think this has a hell of a lot of potential. Blogging is a fantastic way of getting the message out to people and so often the US dominates discourse, so having a blog to really push the UK and Europe forward will be a very big thing. And I want this to work.

What I need - some folks from the UK and Europe. So, if you are a sex worker or ally from the UK / Europe and you'd like to participate in this, whether you'd like to be a regular contributer, post sporadically or just want to be in on the ride, give me a shout:
I've already got one or two very groovy people, so you'll be in awesome company :)
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