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Now, I’m A Feminist, But…Not Really.

Today I wiped my mac completely clean and installed Leopard on a fresh, back to original factory settings machine, mostly because it had been running kind of slowly and also because yes, I was that fucking bored.

So I install my handy dandy StumpleUpon toolbar and off I go, and look what I find!  By the name alone I was hoping for some cool, maybe even feminist web comic, but…no.

Click to see the full size.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Breastfeeding is icky!  Boobs are ugly if not being used as sexual objects!  Fuck that, and fuck you if you hold similar sentiments.  Breast feeding is natural and necessary, and actually not comparable at all to having bowel movements in public, can people let that dumbass non-metaphor go already?  It’s stupid and could not be less accurate.  No one forces you to ogle an already uncomfortable mother, avert your prissy eyes.

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