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Broken Glass

Recently I was asked to write a review of a movie, something which turned out to be far more of a pleasure than a chore. It is something I really enjoyed doing, and I thank Anna from the studio and the director, Gustavo Camelot for the opportunity. With that, here is my review:

Broken Glass, a film by The Seventh Bottle Films, 2007.

This was for me an extremely complex and deeply emotional piece, filled with many different interconnected issues which were sensitvely and intelligently addressed by the creators.

We are introduced to Val (Valentina) - a woman who has grown up with her best friend Alessandra, who is in love with her.

An important backbone of the story is Val's grandfather, whose presence forms a theme that runs right through the story to the end. He was a priest and wine maker who bottled his own special wine, leaving a cache of special bottles to Val after his death, with instructions to open each one at a special or pivotal moment in her life.

Through his magical wine, he sets the pace and progress of this exotic and erotic emotional masterpiece. It is with the opening of each special bottle of his magical wine that different aspects of this story and hidden facets of the characters are gradually revealed.

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