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Call Out: Design 2010 Dyke March Chicago T-Shirt & Flyer

Chicago Dyke March Collective is Looking for Local Artists!

Are you interested in designing the 2010 Chicago Dyke March T-Shirt Design and Flyler?

The 2010 Chicago Dyke March is taking in place in the South Shore/Jackson Park Community located on the south east side of Chicago.  We are looking for local artists with southside influences to submit a design for our t-shirts, flyers and additional materials that will be printed to promote the 2010 March.  Please visit us on facebook or check out our website for information and to view past year designs

Please submit designs, concepts or ideas to: by March 21, 2010 Please fell free to contact us with any questions.

“We move to create visibility, to honor our histories and identities, to disrupt oppression and dominance, to challenge silence and fear, because we are everywhere, because we must survive”

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Call for artists: SHE-STORY

By pozivi za sudjelovanjem

Newly established NEW MEDIA GALLERY in Zadar, Croatia is pleased to announce first international call for New media art works on the theme of SHE-STORY

DEADLINE: 6.3.2010

What is New Media Art?

New Media Art is an art genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including performance art, digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, video art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, ect. The term differentiates itself by its resulting cultural objects and social events, which can be seen in opposition to those deriving from old visual arts (i.e. traditional painting, sculpture, etc.) New Media Art often involves interaction between art work and observer.

Generally, New Media Art includes art work made with the use of digital video cameras, recorded sound, software for editing, animation, interactive presentations, electronics, and/or installations. New Media Art works that we are looking for can be digital videos, interactive video, audio and/or tactile art works, gallery installations with new media elements, and animations. It also includes audio that can be experienced as a radio broadcast, installed in a specific place, or listened to with headphones.

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