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Call for Entrants: 2010 QUEER FRUITS FILM FESTIVAL

Download the 2010 entry form HERE

Queer Fruits Film Festival has been established to provide a vital regional screen culture event to enable the GLBTIQ communities and wider community to participate in the celebration and innnovation of international queer filmmaking culture.
Established as an independent queer film festival, Queer Fruits Film Festival seeks to complement the screen culture and outreach events of major urban film organisations, whilst also providing significant career development opportunities for regional filmmakers locally.
Queer Fruits Film Festival pays homage to its community roots in the fabulous and famous Tropical Fruits Inc. one of the longest running grassroots GLBTIQ organisations in Australia, established in 1988. A queer film program had been successfully screened for two years in 2006/2007 Co-ordinated by Duncan Brown, in conjunction with the annual Tropical Fruits’ New Years’ eve extravanga.
In 2009 the time was felt ripe to further extend the event to an exciting new phase.

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