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Malaysian LGBTQI film series inviting friends & family to openly attend, share stories

The Hunt for Parents & Siblings Begins Again!

Once again, we are looking for parents or siblings of queer folks willing to share.

Our next Queer As Films programme, which is a double-bill of films scheduled for next Sunday 7 March, 4pm and 6pm, is a public outreach one, hoping to help the non-queer population understand our cause and to build allies with them.  Queer As Films is a monthly film screening at The Annexe Gallery presented by PT Foundation and Seksualiti Merdeka, with the aim to empower the queer community.  For the first time, we are inviting members of the public to join us.

The 4pm film is The Naked Civil Servant, a charmingly funny made-for-TV film telling the story of Quentin Crisp, a British queer icon and writer, who was openly homosexual even in pre-WWII England and survived with nothing more than mascara, sharp wit and a sheer force of personality.  Film critic Benjamin McKay, who has met Quentin himself, and actor Edwin Sumun, our very own Quentin Crisp, will be on our panel to talk about gay icons and being out.

The 6pm film is Prayers For Bobby, a powerfully moving made-for-TV film telling the true story of Mary Griffith, a conservative Christian mom who has to come to terms with her gay son's suicide and her role in it.  Sigourney Weaver stars as the mom, who eventually becomes a gay-rights advocate.  For this film, we hope to have a panel of moms/dads/siblings willing to share about how they learn to accept their queer children/brothers/sisters.  So I am asking all of you who are out to your family, are your family members willing to share?  Or if you are a sibling or parent of a queer child who is out to you, are you willing to share?  Let us know and we can meet with you all personally first to talk.

Otherwise, if you can even persuade your family members to attend the film, it will be good enough.  Hope to see you guys there.


Pang Khee Teik, Arts Programme Director

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Come out of your closet!  The world needs more love!

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