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Call for Writers: Cuntlove

Olga Wolstenholme is looking for writers to join her over at her site.  She sent me a note asking for me to post the details here.     - - arvan

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about masturbation and sex education and I would like to hear your stories about it. Now, what I propose is that those of you who are so inclined send me an email at and share your stories with me so that I can repost them here on Cuntlove.  At present, the topics I would like to cover are: 

  1. How did you first learn about sex?  Did you have “the talk” with your parents?  Were your friends your main source of information?  What did you learn from movies, tv, books?  What was sex ed like at your school?  Did you ever walk in on your parents? 
  2. What are your personal experiences with masturbation? Have you ever masturbated?  How old where you when you first masturbated?  How did you feel about it?  Did you ever get caught?  Did you ever masturbate with your friends? How do you masturbate?  How would you explain it to someone who has never masturbated before?

As you can see there are two distinct themes: masturbation and sex education.  There is no need to talk about both subject nor is there a need to answer every question.  Simply share with me a personal story that comes to mind when you think about these questions.  Try to keep it between 200 to 500 words for each story, but feel free to send in more than one. What I’ll do is collect them and share them here with the other readers.  Stay on topic, but feel free to give as many details as you like. Make sure to tell me in your email whether you want to remain anonymous. (Who Wants to Tell a Story?)

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Call for Writers: AQSAzine Issue #3: My Islam

Dear friends, lovers, sisters, allies, revolutionaries

Submit and spread the word about the AQSAzine Issue #3 MY ISLAM "because Allah gave you the right to figure it out"


Because you’ve asked the question “what is my Islam and what does it mean to me?” Because you constantly explore it, navigate it, confront it, take it apart, or reject it. Because you’ve been excluded from it. Because you hold it close, embrace it, own it. Because you’ve been attacked for believing in it. Because you are tired of defending and defining it.
Because you feel Islam has been used misused and abused, helping some gain illegitimate power and others rationalize oppression. Because you feel that despite this, it is a quest for humanity and peace of mind, body, soul that is at its core.
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Call for Proposals for the book : Dimensions of Pain

The Nordic Network: Gender, Body, and Health invites submissions for a peer-reviewed edited volume with the preliminary title Dimensions of Pain.

We welcome proposals for articles, essays, literary and art work approaching issues within the overarching theme of pain from a broad range of disciplines and fields of research.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

Pain and Bodily Integrity

Pain and Identity

Sexualized Pain

Treatments of Pain

Psychosomatics of Pain

Representations and Discourses of Pain

Stigmatizing Pain and the Pain of Stigmatization

Healing andCathartic Forces of Pain

Expression and Language of Pain

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