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Polygamy as Prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada

Xtra published an excellent article in October of last year on

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    Father Knows Best in Banning the Burqa?

    Belgium stands to become the first nation to ban the wearing of the burqa and niqab -- a head-to-toe covering and a facial scarf, respectively --at the end of this month.  From

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    Shock Treatment

    I would like to praise the Canadian authorities for apprehending Dr. Aubrey Levin, aka "Dr. Shock" - a man who is believed to have fled to Canada to avoid facing the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in the 1990's - and for launching an inquiry into his activities in Canada - and also for investigating charges of human rights abuses from when he was in South Africa.

    I welcome the fact that all criminal cases in Canada in which this person has participated as an "expert" witness for the prosecution, are currently being reviewed. Who knows, there may be innocent people sitting in prison or mental institutions because of his prejudice. I also applaud the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta for suspending Levin’s license to practice (that's really great - I really, really like that part). I also applaud Canada for the over-all thoroughness evident in the way this sensitive issue is being handled. I can guess how long this would take over here in sunny South Africa.

    Firstly, the case itself would probably be put off until sometime after the Soccer World cup - because we all know how much more important that is than boring old human rights - giving it another six months for the public to forget it ever happened, so that the bail appications could go off without a noisy protest outside the court room. Then, it would probably take six more months to find the missing dockets, if ever - and then, like another prominent homophobe in this country, Mr Levin would probably be impossible to locate to be subpoenaed for his court appearance.

    The cynical side of me would expect to find him occupying a government office in a South African embassy, perhaps in Burundi or Rwanda - seeing as the job in Uganda is already taken - by Jon Qwelane.

    It is amazing that people can commit hate crimes, and just conveniently not show up in court when they are charged to - and nobody, not even the Government or Judicial Authority it seems, can do anything about it - other than to offer them a job as a foreign Ambassador, of course.
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    They Got Him In The End - Or Did They?


    Dr Aubrey Levin, aka the Dr Mengele of Apartheid South Africa has finally run foul of the law. He was arrested in Canada last week for abusing a Canadian man at his practice. It seems that old habits die hard. "Dr Shock" as he was called back in the old days, used to torture gay and lesbian military personnel to try and turn them straight. Amazingly enough the folks at your local friendly neighborhood "ex-gay" ministry have been trying to that for decades too - and haven't been having much success either. Most intelligent people already know that it is nigh impossible to "straighten" what was made "skew" in the first place, to paraphrase an Afrikanerism. For those not smart enough to bluff their way out of Levin's grasp, (shouting "Praise the Lord, I'm healed!") he performed forcible sex-changes on them - and according to some sources, many of these were intentionally botched.

    Only one thing can define such actions to me - an intense hatred.

    I managed to just avoid him in my own term in the South African Army - luckily he had already left by then. I did my whole transition in the Army. It could have worked out very differently if he were still there of course. As it was, I picked up lots of horrific tales from "family" who had been there - or still worked in the military medical environment, of days gone by. All told me how lucky I was to have missed them.
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    Bill 44: Alberta allows bigot parents to substitute gay bashing for education


    OUTRAGE. Rob Wells at the June 1 protest. While Bill 44 adds sexual orientation to the province's human rights act, many argue that the "parental rights" clause threatens lessons on sex and sexual orientation in the province's classrooms.  (Ted Kerr photo)

    Alberta became the last Canadian province to recognize sexual orientation under its human rights provisions.  Alberta's gay bashing is well entrenched.  After all, over 11 years ago a teacher in Alberta, Delwin Vriend was dismissed because he is gay.  This led to the landmark ruling Vriend vs. Alberta, in which the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that each province is compelled to add 'sexual orientation' to its own human rights act.

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