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Full Radius Dance: Holiday Spectacular

WinterFull Radius Dance in Concert

The Holiday Spectacular is a family-friendly performance inspired by the celebrity-hosted Christmas shows of TV"s past: Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, etc.  Included on the program will be new work by Full Radius Dance company members Jojo Butler, Sarah Kelly Kerr and Onur Topal-Sumer as well as the premiere of artistic director Douglas Scott"s Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas takes a look at the emotional and physical entanglements of relationships between families, friends, and lovers. 

Full Radius Dance is pleased to announce that The Von Krapp Family Singers are back, and are Krappier than ever!  The campy, joyous vocals of Barry, Mary, Larry, Carrie, Jerry, Harry, Sherry and Shaneekwa Von Krapp are sure to delight audiences.

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Ladyfest Edinburgh

What is Ladyfest?

It is a global celebration of women in the arts, culture and society. The first Ladyfest was held in Olympia WA, USA in 2000 and since then hundreds of festivals across the world have been organised under the Ladyfest banner.

Every Ladyfest is unique, and organised by local women, using their own ideas and priorities. The festivals are often influenced by Riot Grrrl and/or DIY culture.

Ladyfest Edinburgh

Ladyfest Edinburgh is a non-profit, community based festival designed by and for women to showcase the women's artistic talents across all artforms including visual arts, poetry, literature, music, dance, performance and comedy. Each year the group create an alternative cultural space for the creative expression of women. The events are predominantly women-run but all are welcome to attend. By providing an arts space, we aim build up strong links within the local community, working with a diverse range of individuals and already established groups across Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

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2009 Stonewall Awards

The fourth annual Stonewall Awards, sponsored by Barclays, will take place on Thursday 5th November 2009 at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

We are delighted to announce that the fourth Stonewall Awards will take place on Thursday 5 November at the V&A in London. The ceremony, which has become an essential fixture in the lesbian and gay calendar, will be hosted by TV presenter Gok Wan. Once again supported by Barclays, the ceremony celebrates those who have made a positive impact on the lives of lesbian and gay people in Britain. Last year’s winners included Sue Perkins, Waheed Alli and Sandi Toksvig.

Three of the Awards will be voted for by thousands of Stonewall supporters from across Britain: ‘Hero of the Year’, ‘Bigot of the Year’ and the ‘Stonewall & Barclays Community Group.’ The chosen Community Group of the Year – won last year by the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group - will receive a cheque for £5,000 to support its work.

The other seven awards – including Writer and Entertainer of the Year - will be chosen by a panel of judges including TV personality Sue Perkins, presenter Evan Davis, former basketball player John Amaechi, Angela Eagle MP and Assistant Editor of the Daily Telegraph Andrew Pierce

Tickets are now on sale for £150 plus VAT. To book your ticket complete the online booking form or contact bimla.safka@stonewall.org.uk or call 020 7593 1875.

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Compersion: Love as Space

Photo by Eric Francis.

This article is being discussed on the Planet Waves blog.

There are good reasons compersion feels like such a radical idea; why for example feeling good about your partner’s relationship with someone else feels so radical. It does; to most, the notion seems unconscionable. There are the ordinary ones: we ‘don’t want to think about that kind of thing’ or we equate monogamy (or the appearance of monogamy) with loyalty. That loyalty is the razor’s edge between being ‘with someone’ and ‘being alone’.

But let’s say you’re willing to go past the primal fear; you’re willing to think about it, even willing to feel it, and it starts to make sense that your partner is free and part of that freedom is opening the space inside yourself and in the relationship for them to have any experience they want. Let’s say you figure out that logic leaves you no choice but to extend your partner all the freedom they want or need.

What is so loving about attempting to define, limit or control the emotions or experiences of another person? Nothing at all; we just call it love to make it sound nice. Not all monogamous relationships have this as their basis, but we tend to see and experience this dynamic pretty frequently.

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