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Scientists plan human genes for cows, goats

By Eloise Gibson

A proposal to put human genes into goats, sheep and cows to try to get the animals to make human proteins in their milk will be in the public spotlight next week.

Submitters will have Monday and Tuesday to tell the Environmental Risk Management Authority what they think of plans by AgResearch to breed and keep genetically modified animals at its Ruakura research facility, near Hamilton.

AgResearch says that if the experiment works, proteins from the animals could be used to make cheaper "biopharmaceuticals" to treat human diseases.

The company has already been breeding transgenic cows. Now it wants approval to continue working with the cows, and add sheep and goats to the trial.

The breast cancer drug Herceptin was developed using genetic modification and AgResearch says such treatments have "huge" marketvalue.

But opponents say it has exaggerated the possible benefits of the trial, and given authorities far too little information about what it plans to do with the proteins if it can makethem.

More than 90 per cent of the 1545 people who made written submissions opposed the plan - most using a pre-prepared form. Four submissions supported it and six did not say.

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The Heart of Polyamory: The Elephant in the Living Room

By Millie Jackson

I continue to be very close with an ex girlfriend. We were partnered in what was my last monogamous relationship.  After four years together, we attended a workshop on polyamory at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.  This gave us a context and the vocabulary to begin seriously discussing the prospect of opening our relationship.  Although we agreed that polyamory aligned with our philosophical and spiritual beliefs, we didn’t know how to access the poly life-style.  Our relationship ultimately ended after almost eight years together before we had the opportunity to explore polyamory.

There were ups and downs throughout the break-up.  Since we were financially enmeshed and shared a lease on a house that was our home and our businesses, this process dragged out for an excruciating six months.  This emotionally challenging period eventually led to us taking much needed time apart without any contact.  This was difficult given that we had been not only lovers but best friends, roommates, business associates, and travel companions.  We did everything together--we shared expenses, shared meals, and shared a level of intimacy we had never known before.

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New Sex Change Regulations in Thailand

By Pongphon Sarnsamak
The Nation

From November 29, the Medical Council of Thailand will strictly enforce new regulations allowing only those transgendered people aged over 18 to undergo a sexchange operation, secretarygeneral Dr Samphan Komrit said yesterday

Transgendered people aged 18-20 must have parental consent, while those over 20 can decide for themselves.

Transgendered people must also consult a psychiatrist, live as a woman for a year and receive hormone therapy before being allowed to undergo a sexchange operation.

Surgeons who provide such operations must be registered with the Medical Council and treat any complications that may occur following surgery.

Samphan said these regulations would raise the standard of sexchange operations.

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Who am I, if I'm not me anymore?

We get older.  We all do.  If we're really lucky, we get a lot older.  Sooner or later, we die.  That is the way of things.  As I rise this morning, eating my breakfast, I turn my attention to this aspect of sex, gender, body that I was kind of avoiding: getting old. 

Age is just as much of a conversation about sex, gender, body as anything else.  It could be argued that no conversation about sgb, or identity can exist without the conversation of age being included.  One of the site rules at is that no sex with minors is condoned or supported on this site.

As we age, we identify ourselves in different terms.  We shift how we view ourselves, how we wish others to see us and how we see others.  Age prejudice and labels are just as common as any other form of discrimination.  I don't know if any one form of discrimination gets more assistance or license than any other form, but age discrimination does seem to benefit greatly from a youth-worshiping society and many people's fear of dying.  Aging and the approach of death is uncomfortable for many to deal with.  It's why I was in no hurry to look at it myself.

Whether or not I include and embrace aging into the conversations of sex, gender, body - age is part of how each of us identify ourselves and are identified by others.  Plain and simple.

So, I took off looking for links on age, identity, sex, gender, body.  This is what I found for different search terms on Google.

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