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There is a Should Not

By Judith Brisson

The credo there is no should when it comes to the expression of our deepest sexual desires needs to be accompanied by a small caveat writ large - between consenting adults.

The myriad forms of sexual practice pass muster today, at least legally, in most Western nations, reflecting Canada’s Justice Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s attitude, in 1967, when he said

“there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.

That statement introduced an Omnibus bill into the Canadian Parliament legalizing homosexual sex and abortion, and transforming the social countenance of Canada in one fell swoop.

Where there is a should, or better phrased, a should not, is in the realm of the sexual exploitation of children. Recent reports in the media of priests, teachers, principals, or coaches transgressing the sacred line that divides the adult from the child to consummate a sexual relationship indicates that the parameters that delineate these moral distinctions are in flux.

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