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Hello everyone.

I have been reading sexgenderbody for quite a while and I just wanted to make my first post on SGB.

My name is Kyle Brooks and I'm Deaf and I'm not ambulatory.

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Teacher Let Go For Having Sexual Intercourse Out Of Wedlock; What's the Real Reason?

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If you're having a hard time understanding Fundamentalist Christians, you're not alone. Jaretta Hamilton was fired from St. Cloud Florida's Southland Christian School for having a child out of wedlock. Hamilton conceived three weeks before she was married.

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Uh. Wow.

A friend of mine on Facebook just invited me to join 

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    Beware the Sodomites want to recruit you!

    My jaw once again dropped in disbelief when I recently listened to an audio clip of the rantings of a radical Church leader that a friend forwarded to me.

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    "We Want You To Think Outside The Box, but not THAT much".

    Last night at dinner, I was chatting with a couple of guys from North Carolina. One of them mentioned his friend who applied to the North Carolina School of the Arts, and sent in a screenplay.

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    Gay Hating Tornadoes and God's People

    I'm not a theologian. I'm not a priest or a pastor. I'm someone who seeks truth within the context of attempting to live a Christian life.

    I feel more comfortable calling myself a Seeker rather than a Christian. On good days I may even call myself a Christ Follower, but I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent there.

    I am also gay, which often puts me right in the middle of a lot of crossfire. I often wish I could live a nice, quiet existence without all the controversy that my sexuality creates in spite of or because of my faith.

    I actually hate this position.

    I've heard about the ELCA tornado incident and this guy named John Piper for about a week now. I didn't know what ELCA meant or who John Piper was. I just knew people were upset and that there was a lot of buzz about it.

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