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China: Anti Porn, Anti Choice, Anti You

Make no mistake my dear friends, China doesn’t like you.

I say you, as I imagine I am most likely preaching to the choir, as whoever reads my article will most likely be of an open mind and or producing some adult videos of their own.

China had decided that it’s citizens should not have the ability to view any adult media in their country on “their” browsers and computers. China had tried to maintain its wholly imagined squeaky clean image by taking a stand against porn. A totalitarian regime is never satisfied until it has consolidated all the power available to it. And, China’s leaders sure would love to tout this feather in their cap. It would beat the drum toward their March toward moral superiority.

Though, to spoil their impressive effort, porn has a foothold that China can’t move. Porn is tied to business and a poke at business would be problematic for their burgeoning international relations and their interest in a free market economy. Smartly, for these same reasons, China’s citizens recognize the importance of porn in this instance. And, just for these same reasons it is a battle they can win. For its citizens, porn represents something much larger than the enjoyment of high definition moans and groans. Rather porn has become a weapon of the abused, which for them come along very rarely.

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