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Lovely French Condom Ad

I love advertising, sometimes.  Sometimes.

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The pope and condoms – a new dawn?

"...a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility"

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Unprotected sex with multiple partners widespread - survey

NAIROBI, 26 November 2009 (PlusNews) - Kenyan men and women are continuing to have unprotected sex with multiple partners - despite numerous national media campaigns to sensitise the public to the dangers of sex without a condom and multiple partners.

According to the preliminary findings of the 2008/2009 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, only 32 percent of women and 37 percent of men who reported having multiple sexual partners said they used a condom during their last sexual encounter.

"One of the biggest reasons for lack of condom use amongst people engaged in multiple partnering is the belief that they know those partners well and can therefore engage in unprotected sex with them, which is a misplaced belief," said Lucy Maikweki, deputy director, HIV and communications, at the reproductive health NGO, Population Services International (PSI).

PSI and the government are running a national "Wacha mpango wa kando; epuka ukimwi" - Swahili for "Stop relationships on the side; avoid HIV" - campaign.

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