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VDay Naughty Confessions Contest

Crossposted from Pop My Cherry Review. Written by Domina Doll!

Hey Readers!

My new columnist Olga Wolstenholme (the Cuntfessional) and I are teaming up to put on a month-long contest to celebrate V-Day and show our support of ending violence against women and girls worldwide.

Building on the idea of the Vagina Monologues, we are putting on a Naughty Confessional Contest to encourage all of you to write out your confessions in the comments section of Olga’s Cuntfessional posts.

What do we want?  We want raw, dirty, honest, steamy, sexy, hot, erotic real-life or fictional confessionals that somehow branch off of the ideas or topics in Olga’s the Cuntfessional posts.

For instance, in Olga’s A History Lesson you might right about a real-life encounter that involves a Teacher/student relationship, or a fantasy you’ve had with a past Teacher or student or even a fictional story about the same topic, or comment on Olga’s post itself.

Read more...for rules and prizes.

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In Honour of Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

I am writing a new column for Pop My Cherry Review. It’s a weekly gig, every SUNDAY, and the column is called The Cuntfessional. The first installment went down last week and was called: Seducing My Therapist. This week’s column is called: A History Lesson. Come on now, you know you want to read about my all my dirty little secrets. Go check them out already.

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When is it OK to Reveal a Secret?


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