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Bekhsoos: Queer and Feminist Arab Magazine is Back!

One of our main objectives was to keep Bekhsoos operating on a voluntary basis. We resisted seeking funding and forcing achievements. Our aspiration was and continues to be the sustainability of the platform free of any coercion or profit.

The team mainly consists of a bunch of friends, colleagues and some exes and enemies. When the energy is rising, we all push each other up! But when it drops, we all pull each other down… and when we hit rock bottom we fail to see the amount of work we do along with its magnitude. We often tire of our daily tasks. We often forget how awesome Bekhsoos is. Bekhsoos has transcended the boundaries of your average online magazine. It has evolved from being Meem’s baby to a creative global commons, shared by all those who contributed to it by writing, editing, designing, sharing it on Facebook and Tweeting about it but most importantly it creates a sense of belonging among those who read it, interacted with it, felt it, cried or laughed at it, and those who surfed the pages and quickly rushed to delete their browsing history.

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My Body Is Not My Body.


-Contributed by M/M to Bekhsoos: Queer Arab Weekly.

My body is a museum. Vials of spit and cum and sweat, now filed away and
cataloged. My tongue, tasting and discerning, like an aged wine, one lover
from another. Nudes posed deliciously, resting their heads on a pillow and
their legs spread wide. Oil canvasses of backs upright, bent, twisted and
knotted. Stone sculptures of limbs obscenely intertwined.

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