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Dr. Allen Frances and his arguments against the DSM-5

Doctor Allen Frances has caused uproar with his attack on the new American manual for mental diseases. This is highly relevant for transgender persons.

Those who have followed me for a while know that I am very concerned about the fact that both crossdressing and crossdreaming  (“autogynephilia” and “autoandrophilia”) are classified as mental diseases and are included in the American psychiatric manual (the DSM) as well as the WHO ICD counterpart.

I have argued that these phenomena might as well be the psychological expression of natural human diversity as regards gender and sexuality, and that it is the fact that it is society – including psychiatrists who insist on calling this a perversion or a “paraphilia” – that causes the real mental anguish of these people.

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Too Many Crossdressing Accessories?

 The internet has been a wonderful thing for me, being transgender and all. I have been able to meet tons of other people just like me and this has helped me tremendously in life.

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Crossdressing and Leaving the House

 My wife, mother, brother, best friend, cousins, sister-in-law and a ton of buddies and people on the internet know that I crossdress occasionally.

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