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I stepped in dog shit. No..wait, that's sexism.

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I heard a conversation the other day that bothered me.  I was running with my weekly marathon training group.  We're a new group, so we spent most of the run chatting with each other and introducing ourselves.

One man and one woman were running next to me within the group.  She had already identified herself as Jewish, so he struck up a conversation about himself being Jewish and they began their introductions.  He described himself as married, children, member of a synaogue and a teacher at the school there.  Pretty standard fare.  It didn't really concern me, as he was talking to her.  So, I just got into a groove with my running, paying attention to my breathing and movement.  His conversation just played on like background music.

Then, he asked her about herself.  Almost immediately, he asks her if she's seeing a 'nice Jewish boy'.  She replied that she has 'a lot of gay boyfriends'. 

He replies "Yes, but what about procreation?"

That remark snapped me out of my running meditation.  I thought the remark was offensive...actually the whole line of questioning seemed inappropriate.  I listened more intently, despite my urge to pop off at him in the middle of a conversation I had not been a part of.

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