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Pornography Helped Betty Dodson

I recently read in Sex for One that Betty Dodson was convinced that she had abnormal labia since one of them was longer than the other. As she tells it, when she was a kid she thought that she had deformed them by masturbating too much. She even made a deal with God that she would immediately stop masturbating if the situation was rectified, only to eventually make a compromise with herself, which consisted of only masturbating on the shorter side in an attempt to even them out.

It wasn’t only Betty was in her thirties that she came to realize that her labia were perfectly normal and in fact desirable. Her lover at the time asked if he could look at her cunt and ashamed she told him what was “wrong” with her lips. Fortunately he assured her that they were perfectly normal and in fact beautiful. In an attempt to reassure her and show her that labia came in all shapes and sizes, he took out some porno magazines and showed her photographic evidence.

This was the first time that Betty was exposed to that kind of material and the experience blew her mind. She came to accept her own body by simply seeing that other women had similarly shaped labia and that our bodies didn’t all fit into one image of how things ought to look. 

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Sticking it to the Man, in a Manner of Speaking

Today, on my lunch break, I decided to go browse for books at Chapters. I had no intention of buying anything, but when I got there I tried to find a copy of The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf.  To my surprise, they didn’t have this rather popular title in stock. Actually, there were only three copies to be found in all of the Chapters, Indigo and Coles on the island of Montreal. Montreal’s a big city, you would think this book would be a little easier to find.

This omission in Chapters in-store catalogue no longer came as such a surprise when I went looking for the women studies section of the store, because what I found was a section called gender studies, which consisted of two very small shelves of an odd assortment of titles. Sure enough they did carry some interesting books that spoke to a variety of gender identities, but these tiny little shelves also contained such titles as The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss.

On a more positive note, they did have three copies of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence. Three copies they DIDN’T have three weeks ago when I ordered the very same book from their store. I might be wrong in the assumption that my ordering CUNT was a key factor in the decision to make copies available for their in-store customers, but this made me happy. Sure, I’m sure this decision was purely fueled by the idea that if they were able to make money selling one copy they would probably make more money if they had it in stock. Nevertheless, I felt like the power I have as a consumer lead to a positive change in the world.

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Why I Love The Word Cunt

Someone recently told me that they love the word “cunt” above all other words referring to the same beautiful thing. He wasn’t quite sure why, perhaps he said “it’s because it’s a one syllable word”, in any case “it’s an instant turn on”. I agree, it’s a damn wonderful word. I prefer “cunt” over “pussy”. “Pussy” doesn’t feel like it belongs to me, it belongs to someone else who wants to use it for its warmth and wetness, but never its strength. A “cunt” on the other hand has muscle, it pulls you by the gut and holds on.

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There's Nothing Wrong With Our Genitals

pc-242I‘ve had so many conversations with women who have felt that their genitals where deformed in some way or another, or at the very least not a representation of the status-quo. One person I know, had been told by an ex-sexual partner that her clit was quite predominant, which led her to question her genitals in a way that she had never considered before. When another friend was telling us how her inner labia hung lower than her outer labia, I started to question why mine didn’t do that. I wondered if my inner labia were too small. 

I’ve had many similar questions about my vulva: Was it too hairy? Where my lips too big? Was my clit too small? Was my pubic bone too prominent? How did it smell? How did it taste? From looking at my brother’s porn magazines, I determined that the entrance to my vagina had too many folds or that it looked wrinkly, or too stretchy, something I thought I was worsening by masturbating. Yup, I was concerned that my selflovin’ habits were going to make my pussy look prematurely old or used in some way. 

I’m not the only one, I know I’m not. This is a problem.

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Call for Beautiful Cunt PICTURES

Hi everybody,

I'm starting a beautiful cunt project...  Basically, on every Thursday, I will post an anonymous picture of someone's pussy. In the hopes of showcasing the multitude of infinite and beautiful differences that are found in female genitalia.  And in the process foster self-acceptance and put an end to "does that look right?" "is that normal?" and things of the like.

Now, of course to do this, I need some brave souls to send me a picture of their vag.  I'm hoping to put a first one up on Thursday.

If you would like to participate or if you know someone who would, you can send me an email and a picture, which should simply state your age, vaginal health (meaning explain any scars, operations, tests, etc), and your reproductive history as well as any other pertinent information you feel like sharing.  That can be anything from a pet name to your feelings and thoughts about your vagina.

The pictures can be of your pussy with your lips spread, or closed and at rest.  Optimally both would be good.  Just don't send me anything overtly sexual, meaning I don't want any picture of cock and pussy action or vibrators and the like.  Just your pussy please.  

Also, only over 18 years old pussy, please.

You can send any submission to my email address: and you don't even have to tell me who you are.  Use your dummy email account for all I care.

Have yourselves a cunthappy day,


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Female Ejaculation Part 5: The Vagina

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