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I Want to Start an Advice Column!

I want to start a weekly advice column on Cuntlove. Not just any advice column, because let’s face it, I might not hold the magic key that will solve all your problems or answer all your questions. I do, however, believe that we can all benefit from getting certain things out there in the open and having a discussion, so consider this more of an interactive advice column where people write in to Cuntlove about a certain subject, and we use that as a starting point to have a discussion, and maybe give each other some helpful advice along the way.

If you’ve got something on your mind, or if you’d like to start a dialogue going on a particular subject send it your questions and comments to or you can simply use this contact form.

Also, if you’ve got your personal website, feel free to copy the above banner and publish it on your blog with a link to this site. It would be really awesome if you helped spread the word.

I’ve already gotten a couple responses, so hopefully I’ll have this thing up and running by next week (I’m thinking of doing it every Thursday). I can’t wait to see what people write in to talk about and what you all will have to add on the subject. Let’s make this happen!

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Why I Love My Cunt!

Before starting this whole Cuntlove journey, I decided that the key to solving all my problems was to love myself. It may have started as a desperate attempt to hold on to something worth living for, but somewhere along the lines of repeating the self directed mantra: love, love, love, I figured something out.

Cuntlove, means many things to me. Obviously, it simply is a love of my cunt, but it’s also a love of all cunts, and beyond that it’s a love of women, and of everything that comes forth from life. The core of my being is located between my legs, in a very physical sense, but it’s also an abstract idea. It’s an idea that grounds me to the world and connects me to universal ideas of love, truth, freedom and beauty.

You might think that self-esteem comes from looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing something that you can appreciate, and yes there is value in being able to look at yourself and love everything you see, but it’s not about your physical appearance, at least not entirely, it has to come from somewhere else, and you might locate that kind of feeling in the region of your heart, but your heart is something that can be pulled out of your chest much too easily.

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