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Full Radius Dance: Holiday Spectacular

WinterFull Radius Dance in Concert

The Holiday Spectacular is a family-friendly performance inspired by the celebrity-hosted Christmas shows of TV"s past: Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, etc.  Included on the program will be new work by Full Radius Dance company members Jojo Butler, Sarah Kelly Kerr and Onur Topal-Sumer as well as the premiere of artistic director Douglas Scott"s Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas takes a look at the emotional and physical entanglements of relationships between families, friends, and lovers. 

Full Radius Dance is pleased to announce that The Von Krapp Family Singers are back, and are Krappier than ever!  The campy, joyous vocals of Barry, Mary, Larry, Carrie, Jerry, Harry, Sherry and Shaneekwa Von Krapp are sure to delight audiences.

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The Body's Music Is Not A Shattered Life: A Letter to Stephanie Smith

Yes, I saw that NYT piece about the "shattered life" of dance teacher, Stephanie Smith.

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Jesus loves strippers: Christian outreach

(Posted at Border Thinking on Migration, Traficking & Commercial Sex)

In campaigns protesting raids and other drastic actions against prostitutes and sex workers, Christianity is often slagged off. That’s not fair; it’s how people interpret their duty as Christians that can lead to abuse. Here’s an example of Christian outreach, carried out in the same sort of way that civilian harm-reduction projects are done. Note that this helper ‘won’t apply for federal funds because she doesn’t want anything to interfere with “preaching the Word,”’and doesn’t see her role as trying to get women out of the industry  Excerpts only - click on the title for the complete story.

Jesus & strippers

Emily Belz,

Los Angeles. Near midnight. Industrial buildings. Empty streets. Full parking lot. Men wander into a nondescript building, “Fantasy Castle.” Bouncers stand at the door. Inside, on stage. women dance to earn their rent. Men watch in the dark. Booze, perfume, and loneliness.

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Transgender Dance Composition: Lost / Found


"I'm interested in using the specific experience of being transgender as a way into talking about, really human universal questions of love and belonging, and feeling like an outsider."

-- Sean Dorsey


Transgender performer Sean Dorsey brings stories of his own struggles with gender and sexuality to the stage, making them accessible to a wider audience. Spark visits with Dorsey while he works on "Lost/Found."

For this work, Dorsey uses journal entries, memoirs and letters culled from the trans and queer community to piece together a narrative in which he fantasizes about the normal childhood he might have had if he was born a boy.

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