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The G Tales Tale # 3: Five: Or, a Constellation of Books, Bi and Queer


by Serena Anderlini

“when bisexuality is “real” (in both a symbolic and a material sense), then the nature of love changes too . . . from an exclusive, dyadic system to an inclusive one that expands beyond the dual and into the multiple” from Bisexuality and Queer Theory, “Introduction” (forthcoming)

There’s news about G. She has been enjoying the tropical summer and has been reading.

She called me, “the summer has been beautiful” she said, “my first here, dressing up funny and enjoying a laugh with a bunch of local people.”

“What kinds of people?” I asked.

“All kinds, sexual diversity is exploding here, it must be the Spain effect, you know: Spain becoming so progressive in all kinds of queer issues. All across Latin America you can feel it: people are coming out, they are coming together, there is effervescence, excitement, thriving communities--I can’t believe it!”

“And what have you been doing?”

“Exporting bi and poly ideas, getting a good listening, feeling more situated, modeling three-way hugging and kissing.”

“And what else?”

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