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MAGNET hosting a panel on misrepresentation of transsexual women by gay male media outlets

In mid July MAGNET is hosting a panel in L.A. called

"The Dehumanizing Misrepresentation of Transsexual Women Through the Gay Male Media Mafia Lens" 

More details to come on the collaborators, panelists, date and venue.

Please let us know your thoughts on this epidemic so we can include them in the planning and discussion.

Thank you,

Ashley Love -
Organizer of MAGNET- Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People

MAGNET is an anti-defamation organization dedicated to educating the media about transsexual and transgender issues, as well as pushing for more authentic and positive portrayals of trans people in the media.

facebook notice, Ashley's blog or email Ashley directly.

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Police Force HIV Tests for Sex Workers

By Charles Mpaka

LILONGWE, Oct 10 (IPS) - It was, Malawian police say, a routine sweep for criminals at one of the country’s busiest border posts. They were looking for criminals.

But when the police arrested 14 prostitutes as part of their search, and then allegedly forcefully tested them for HIV and charged them for "deliberately trading in sex while having a sexually transmitted disease", human rights organisations had to step in.

The forceful HIV testing of the women was a violation of the women’s rights, human rights organisations say. But Malawian police have claimed that it was nothing more than just a routine part of their of job.

But human rights organisations in Malawi want the police to answer a few vital questions about the circumstances surrounding the women’s HIV tests.

Early this month, in a routine sweep for criminals, police in the southern region of Malawi combed the town of Mwanza, one of the two busiest border posts through which Malawi receives and sends large volumes of cargo.

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