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Columbia College Chicago presents Tomboy

Columbia College Chicago presents Tomboy

Columbia College Chicago November 8, 2010 – January 7, 2011

Glass Curtain Gallery,

Columbia College Chicago

1104 S Wabash Avenue, 1st floor,

Chicago, IL 60605

Gallery Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri, 9-5pm,

Thurs 9-7pm, Sat Noon-5pm


Reception with curator and artists: November 11, 2010, 5-8pm

Opening Night Programming:

Artist Performances include Indoor 5k, run with Mary George, 4:30-6:30pm

and I Will Always Love You, interactive performance by Allison Halter, 5:30pm

Accompanying Lecture

“Crossing the Line: Genre & Identity,” a reading and lecture by award-winning author Dorothy Allison, 7:30pm in the Conaway Center adjacent to the Glass Curtain Gallery

Additional Programming:

Cafe Society, a year-long series featuring several Columbia College exhibitions, welcomes the Columbia community and the public for a salon style discussion of Tomboy. November 16, 4:00-6:00pm in the Glass Curtain Gallery.

Tomboy examines the degrees to which identity and gender influence meaning in the work of six contemporary queer women artists.  From painterly gestures to performative acts, sculptural installations to digitally altered photographs, this exhibition explores the variety of approaches artists take in negotiating notions of identity.  These works turn away from the essentialism of early feminist art and the specificity of “identity art,” and instead employ identity in intentionally ambiguous, mercurial, and peripheral ways.  Tomboy delves into the murky spaces between the personal, the political, and the formal in order to ask viewers the question: “can and should what we know about an artist be separated from how we experience their work?”

Participating Artists:

Kelli Connell

Dana DeGiulio

Daphne Fitzpatrick

Mary George

Allison Halter

Leeza Meksin

Tomboy is curated by Betsy Odom


Visit the Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces webpage: http://www.colum.edu/deps


Exhibition information: Mark Porter, mporter@colum.edu

Press inquiries: Elizabeth Burke-Dain, eburkedain@colum.edu

This program is produced by the Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces of Columbia College Chicago.

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Pakistan's first adult webcomic?

I received an email from someone in Pakistan, Umar Shareef, inviting me to check out his new webcomic.  Initially, I thought it might be a viagra spam, but something about his message seemed genuine enough for me to check it out.  Lemme tell ya - I am so glad that I did! 

The site is called Sex! The right way...AKA Sex ka sahi tareeqa (A Desi porn 4 u). 

I checked it out and it's this wonderful, honest embrace and depiction of sex as it occurs in many peoples lives.  The first comic tells the story of a young man discovering his sexual desires and his fixation on an older relative in his family.  This is an eyes-wide-open view of sexual awakening, told in terms and expressions that are not at all uncommon.  No judgment, just a window into what life is like for so many people. 

I love it.

So, I shot an email off to Umar, asking him a few questions.  He answered back in some detail and they make for a good interview with the author.  So, without ado, here is my interview with Umar Shareef of Sex! The right way.

SGB: Why did you start it?

US: Well that answer is two-fold.  I have always been an avid consumer of pornography but I've always felt that most of the images and depictions of the act of sex were false, and not in an interesting fantastical way, but in a really bad pseudo-reality way, where the porn industry is pretending that they are representing reality (ala large breasts, small waists, massive biceps and penises, etc).

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Film review: “On The Downlow” (2007)

Last week, I attended the latest screening in the Sex+++ Documentary Film Series.  These films are showing at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum each month on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday.  This week's guest moderator was Lisa Junkin, Education Coordinator for the Hull House Museum itself.

The film, "On The Downlow" was directed by Abigail Child and focused on the lives of several black, bisexual men living in Cleveland, OH.  Each man kept his gay sex a secret from some of the people in their lives.  It was interesting to see who each man would choose to hide it from and what his reasons were for doing so.

One man discussed life 'on the streets' as being too tough on gays for him to come out.  He spoke of the need to keep it strictly secret.  That changed though, when he spoke of his time in prison.  He spoke about his male lovers from prison and their relationships in open and glowing terms.  He kept love letters and photographs of his prison lovers, whom also kept their male sex partners a secret from spouses and girlfriends on the outside.

Two men chose to 'out' their bisexuality to women they had been dating, while the documentary crew was filming them.  This seemed a bit too 'Jerry Springer' for my tastes, but it also did show some every day realities of how people navigate these relationships.

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