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Response Ability For Wellness

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Something For Every Body

By Millie Jackson

Despite our diversity, that we all have a physical body is an indisputable component of our shared humanity.  Our bodies are the amazing vehicles with which we experience life on this beautiful planet.  The state of our wellness greatly determines how enjoyable and productive our journey can be.  When I talk about wellness, I am referring to the totality of our being—our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  I share from my 22 years of experience doing Massage Therapy, Wellness Consulting, and Reiki.  I draw upon my own journey of improving my health, shedding over 55 excess pounds and from my on-going recovery from a car accident just over 2 years ago.   I also offer insight from an empathic and intuitive perspective.

I have a genuine passion for teaching others how to achieve greater states of wellness.  My strategies are simple and can be done by anyone.  I have taken an approach that not only addresses my body’s physical needs but also explores thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that underlie my physicality.  I see our body and its physical symptoms as metaphors for who we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically.

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Paracosm with Neisha

Photo space in Blue Studio, with a Sybian and the suitcase in which it arrived from Wisconsin; and one of the first pregnant mannequins, dating to the 1970s and sculpted by the late British artist Ara Soner. Photo by Eric Francis.

Our ritual my last night in New York was another reach into abject self-surrender. I have gradually learned the emotional and psychic moves to be entirely submissive to myself. A witness or ritual partner is there to facilitate this and help hold open a space where we know which way the ground is; to provide a seemingly external source of love; and to provide feedback that the experience is valid in a moment where doubt could do actual harm.

Much of what we experienced there is too personal to for me to describe. I can say a few things, though. I moved through a sequence of scenes wherein I saw Neisha as cosmic witness, as empath/healer, as my lover, as my lover under very specific conditions, as her own lover, as the mother of my children, as the lover of someone else she wanted (and whom she described vividly), and as one never to be a lover.

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