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Pelvic Floor Potential Defined

I wonder if I could get my ass sued if the authors from whom I reprint passages found their way to my site. Oh well, copyright infringement be damned, I’m doing it anyways! After all, it’s not like I’m making a profit here and if anything it actually promotes their work and might even encourage someone to buy themselves their own copy, righ? At least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself.

With that in mind here’s another definition from the pages of The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom: A Reference Guide to the Symbolism, Techniques, Rituals, Sacred Texts, Psychology, Anatomy, and History of Sexual.

Pelvic Floor Potential

“If the pelvic floor muscles are slack and you do not know how o use them, you are missing out on one whole aspect of sexual  experience.”

                               - Sheila Kitzinger, Woman’s Experience of Sex

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The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom: Orgasm

I bought a used copy of The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom for ten bucks and since I’m low on the inspiration today here’s their definition of orgasm:

Orgasm (greek, “to swell with wetness”) In everyday language and imagery, the idea of orgasm is all too often associated, even equated with ejaculation. However, ancient and contemporary research shows quite clearly that these two sexual, erotic states are separate. Although they often occur almost simultaneously, especially for men, it is better we disassociate them in our minds and remind ourselves that the succession of arousal states occurs in the following manner in both women and men:

1.swelling (engorgement of genital parts by blood)
2. contractions (muscle events)
3. orgasm (psychosomatic energy event)
4. ejaculation (fluidic and energy event)
5. deflation (drainage of blood, relaxation)

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